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MSP® Programme Management Practitioner
4½ day course

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About this course

Course Information

Major change, transformational change, the kind that needs several projects to achieve it, needs a different order of management and leadership. The Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) framework is the leading global approach that helps coordinate projects and stakeholders and realise strategic benefits. This certified course is designed by one of the authors of MSP.

TWO REASONS why ‘Managing Successful Programmes’ (MSP) is making such an impact across the Globe

1.     It is providing a robust, proven framework for major transformational change across the world. Participants leave this course equipped to lead and engage with major change of any kind.

For example, MSP was used to outstanding success by the London Olympics Delivery Authority to deliver the Olympic Park on time.

2.     The MSP Guide represents scores of man years experience, helping you make sense of major changes in your organisation, and how best to lead and manage them. 

As MSP is unpacked on the course, it may encourage you – as it has done many others – to discover that much of what you have been doing is valid, but it also helps you see the ‘bigger picture’ of transformational change. It helps you identify areas you may have neglected that could provide you with high leverage back at the office.

“A brilliant book … This book … will allow project managers to enter the realms of Programme Management and put together meaningful business related programmes to move organisations forward. If you do embark on this journey make sure your senior managers are similarly interested/inclined.” (Amazon Book review)

Who is this Course For?

  • Senior managers who are part of a programme
  • Programme managers and aspiring programme managers
  • Business change managers, operational leaders who will be affected by a programme

What will the Course Cover?

  • The MSP Principles, the means to tailor intelligently the framework to any programme
  • The Programme Vision, and how this helps drive the programme and its engagement with the stakeholders
  • Leadership and stakeholder engagement, concepts and techniques to help lead the wide range of people involved and affected by any transformational change
  • Creating and implementing a delivery archictecture
  • Realising benefits, including identifying modelling and measuring key benefits
  • Planning, tracking and keeping a programme aligned with strategy
  • The programme business case, how it is adapted and helps coordinate the projects
  • Managing the transition to business operations, one of the most critical activities in driving up benefits

How is this Course Structured?

A major feature of our course is the process floor map, which is built on the morning of Day 1. The course is 4½ days in total. This combines accredited Foundation and Practitioner-level learning. Delegates take the Foundation exam at the end of Day 4, and the Practitioner exam on the morning of Day 5. A running case study shows you how to apply different elements.

How will Delegates Benefit from this?

Apart being ready to take Foundation and Practitioner exams, by the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand their role and contribution
  • Understand and apply any part of the MSP process model to any programme
  • Better able to engage with stakeholders of all kinds
  • Drive through beneficial change


If you would like to book a course or check the availability of dates and prices, then click here

If you have some questions about MSP then give us a call free on 0800 052 1600

TEN REASONS to choose the pearcemayfield MSP Course:

1 Course designed by an MSP author

This course is designed by one of the MSP authors, Patrick Mayfield. This makes for a learning experience that is far from a ‘mechanistic’ treatment of MSP by book-learned trainers, but brings out the spirit of MSP, which makes the pearcemayfield course unique among comparable courses.

The 2007 edition was widely praised as a major step forward in guidance on programme management. Patrick authored key chapters of the Guide.

For an example, see this video:

2 Our own design

Unlike many other MSP courses, the material is not licensed in from another organisation. Using pearcemayfield’s own learning design approach, this course is designed from your perspective. You can access and master MSP according to your own preferred learning habits. Detail can be accessed when want it; if you value visual or pictorial information, you will have rich colourful diagrams and mind maps; if you work things out in conversation, you will enjoy the class discussions and breakout sessions. The course book not helps you assimilate MSP easily, but provides you with your own personal learning journal.

“I much prefer working with pearcemayfield’s material.” (Associate MSP trainer)

“Focussed and contextual opposed to being straight from a learning process. The course evolved to meet the individuals needs enabling a much higher degree of personalisation.” (MSP Delegate from Global Client)

3       Our own MSP Flow Navigator

When you book on our course you will be given access to this valuable, exclusive online resource, helping you to explore the process model within MSP and its links with key information in your own way. It’s like having an electronic wall chart that you can pan and zoom in wherever you want.

“Thank you … this is great. Exactly what I need to help with my revision! “ (MSP re-registration candidate… who passed)

“ I just went through this in detail and I think it is an outstanding document. I like the fact that you go from overall picture to details. The explanations are clear and it's really easy to move around. It looks very snazzy. It is brilliant... Great work, very impressive.” (Nathalie Collister, Associate MSP trainer)

 Judge for yourself here in this short video:

 4 Access to Exclusive Online Resource Forum

This includes a rich and growing collection of videos, templates, questionnaires, checklists, examples, case studies, and discussion threads with other Forum members; all of which gives you valuable help in putting the MSP Framework immediately into practice. All the material in the Forum is freely downloadable to you after you complete the course. 
This includes a rich and growing collection of videos, templates, questionnaires, checklists, examples, case studies, and discussion threads with other Forum members; all of which gives you valuable help in putting the MSP Framework immediately into practice. All the material in the Forum is freely downloadable to you after you complete the course. 

People find this Forum so valuable that they have continued to  participate long after their training, and enjoy it to stay in touch with others and their trainer. We have people who have been active on the Forum for at least 200 days.

We coach you to Practitioner level (applied learning) from the start

Almost all other training providers require you to go through explanation and understanding of the Foundation curriculum first. We find this leads to a dry and tedious ‘cramming’ of the subject matter. Instead we coach at both Foundation and Practitioner levels from the start, providing you with a richer learning experience by applying in realistic situations all the way through.

This clearly works because of our Foundation pass rate - in the most recent set of statistics from the APMG, 100% of candidates passed their MSP Foundation with pearcemayfield

You sit the Foundation paper on the afternoon of Day 4, and then the Practitioner paper on Day 5. So you pass the Foundation Paper as a by-product of being coached for the Practitioner exam.

Over 90% of delegates said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend this course.

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and say what an excellent few days you delivered through the MSP Practitioner course. Hopefully I proved I grasped the subject by scoring 60/70 on the Foundation and going on to achieve a very creditable Practitioner pass! I would not have been able to do this without your trainer John Edmonds’ skilful input, patience, understanding and uplifting sense of humour. I would heavily endorse using Pearcemayfield again in future whether here at DMU or elsewhere. Thank you once again for your efforts!“  
Head of Service Management 
Information Technology and Media Services

"Best MSP Managing Successful Programmes course ever
I've been through the PRINCE2 and MSP qualification cycles over many years and Pearce Mayfield gave me the best quality experience I've had from what are expensive courses.
The tutor was an especially talented lady and I wouldn't have got through the exam without her. She had an approach to embedding knowledge that worked superbly well alongside the very professional standard material.
Communication and venue were great.
Excellent value for money - not cheap, but you get what you pay for. This included a sensible class size so you could make the most of the tutor's experience and expertise.
That expertise is what brought the manual to life and made it a tough, challenging and totally engaging experience.”
Programme Director 


6 Uses a variety of games and exercises 

Engaging and creative activities include our Floor Map exercise, where you find you master key chunks of MSP by building it together with the rest of the class. Also our Integration Game helps you and the other course participants gain fluency through exploring relationships and stories between different elements. This builds your pre-exam confidence as few conventional exercises can.

”There is a lot of content in the book. I was surprised how much I enjoyed and remembered on this course.'

7 We provide you with your own comprehensive and effective set of course materials

All our materials are graphically designed using Richard E Mayer’s proven principles for multimedia learning.

We have developed, revised and adjusted this material over the last nine years in response to participant and trainer observations.

8 You have the confidence that this course covers the curriculum 

We are an accredited training organisation. But we have taken this further and contracted APM Group to accredit us to ISO 9001.

As a result we have higher than average Practitioner pass rates, statistics that are independently reported by APM Group.

 9 Designed around pearcemayfield’s own running Case Study

You’ll enjoy working individually and in groups on realistic problems, which will help you see the more strategic power of MSP.

Evidence of the practical value of this approach is borne out by delegates frequently returning to their organisations and recommending this course for their managers and other colleagues in their programme.

"Good course - nice and intensive without too much pressure.  Having attended PRINCE2 Practitioner, I very much like the pearcemayfield way of delivering these!"

 10 You will join a class of like-minded, high-calibre delegates

This premier course attracts high-calibre delegates from all sectors of industry, commerce and government. This naturally leads to rich conversations during the course, and afterwards. Such conversations add the kind of value that is hard to put a price on. People bring experiences and their own stories that help everybody to learn. The course becomes a small community of practice.

Practical experience is mobilised so that people learn from others who may have been there before.

“I really enjoy leading an MSP Practitioner course. I learn something myself every time.” (John Edmonds)


We don't 'sheep-dip'!

Several accredited training organisations undermine the quality of their training experience by packing people in, so that you could find yourself in a class of twenty or more. We feel that this turns the class into an audience.

Tip: try asking them to guarantee you will be a class of less than 16.

Our optimum class size is 12. We have never gone above 16 on a public course