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PRINCE2® Project Management Practitioner
4½ day course

from £1295.00
About this course

Course Information

This is our acclaimed PRINCE2 course, designed jointly by one of the authors of the current version of PRINCE2, John Edmonds, and the original Lead Assessor, Patrick Mayfield. The PRINCE2 method for project management is used across the world and the Practitioner qualification is widely recognised as an essential for project managers.

Our five-day course is carefully crafted and regularly reviewed to enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of PRINCE2 so that you are prepared for the examinations and will be able to apply the method back in the workplace.


"Thanks very much for the course. I thought that the materials and method for the training were very good. We got a lot from having John as our trainer, as he was able to answer all the questions raised and explain things in different ways that made it easier to understand."



You may already be a project manager, project leader or coordinator with some experience and you now want a formal recognition of your experience. Perhaps you have joined an organisation that uses PRINCE2 to run its projects. Or maybe you are looking to improve the way that you and your organisation manages projects. The PRINCE2 Practitioner course is for you.

PRINCE2 is the method for running all types of project, widely adopted and used globally in a vast range of organisations.

And the pearcemayfield Practitioner course is recognised as one of the best ways of learning about PRINCE2 and achieving your qualification.

We promise to limit the number of delegates to an absolute maximum of 15 in a class , thereby ensuring that you will be given personalised support and guidance by a fully approved and experienced training consultant.

You can be assured that our subject matter expertise, our experience in project management and our progressive approach to helping professionals learn effectively mean that you will not regret choosing pearcemayfield.

"Absolutely excellent, best course I have been on, quality of tuition of a very high standard."

"We really enjoyed having John as our instructor; we only have positive things to say about him. Things that were said after he went: “he is the best instructor I’ve ever had”, “it is an art teaching the way he did”! Thanks again for a very nice and enjoyable week!"


By the end of the course you will 

  • understand the role of project management in any organisation
  • see how PRINCE2 gives a comprehensive model for project management
  • understand how the PRINCE2 Processes describe the lifecycle of a project and be able to put them into practice
  • gain an understanding of the various themes of project management can be applied to any project
  • be fully prepared to take the Foundation and Practitioner exams

After the course you will benefit by

  • being able to be an effective member of any project team
  • having a set of techniques to better manage your project tasks
  • understanding the range of key terms and concepts involved in project management

"Trainer was authoritative, demonstrative, relaxed.  Could not be better, excellent in every aspect."

"Me and some few others in the office just talked about John. We did agree that he must be one of the most skilled and comfortable trainers we have ever had! So thanks a lot for last week and the Prince2 training/course"


Using the latest version of the PRINCE2 manual, and supported by pearcemayfield's high quality support material, you will cover each of the seven Principles, Themes and Processes and how they interrelate.

Using a variety of case studies, syndicate and individual work, you will have the opportunity to apply the theory of PRINCE2 in a practical way.

You will be given the opportunity to test your understanding with the aid of sample examination papers throughout the course. Pre-course work and evening work during the course also form an important part of this learning programme.

And the course will conclude with the Foundation and Practitioner examinations.


Do you have 6 or more members of staff requiring this training?  We can offer a group discount on our public scheduled courses or deliver the course on your premises.

We can train a large group of staff, tailor this and any of our training courses to your specific needs or create a bespoke course to meet your organisations requirements.  Contact us for further details.


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