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Training Courses

School of Change Management Accredited, work-based learning programme
1 day course

About this course

A series of highly-acclaimed one-day modules which are all accredited and bring awards to successful candidates in their own right. However, each can build up to the Change Management Certificate (13 credits in total).
All modules are a combination of a stimulating workshop, led by an experienced coach, followed by a work-based assignment.
This allows the learning to be directly transferred to real projects and programmes, and provides valuable benefits for the individual and organisation alike.

The modules available are:

·         Being an Effective Change Manager (2 credits)
·         Introduction to Project Management (2 credits)
·         Introduction to Programme Management (2 credits)
·         Leading Business Change (3 credits)
·         Realising Benefits (3 credits)
·         Envisioning & Designing a Changed Organisation (3 credits)
·         Engaging Your Stakeholders (3 credits)
·         Managing Your Risks (3 credits)
·         Planning and Estimating (3 credits)