Managing Successful Programmes MSP® Advanced Practitioner Certificate 2 days

About this course

This short course will build on the understanding you have already gained of MSP and help you to apply and interpret MSP Principles against a realistic programme scenario. The course is ‘beyond application’ into areas of interpretation and judgement that programme directors and managers have to use all the time.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for professionals who have gained the MSP Practitioner qualification and who wish to go on and gain the prestigious Advanced Practitioner qualification. It is designed for practising programme managers, programme directors, senior responsible officers, programme office staff, and change managers, who wish to gain further recognition of their skills after taking the MSP Practitioner examination.


You must have taken your MSP Foundation and Practitioner examinations, but may be taken before you know your MSP Practitioner Examination results.

What is included?

You’ll receive:

  • Pre-course materials

  • The set programme scenario as part of your pre-course work

  • Supplements to your pearcemayfield course book, including sample documents, full colour reference diagrams and sample exam answers.

Pre-event preparation

We send you pre-course materials that include questions for you to consider. This is an important part of your preparation.

Pre-course work and evening work during the course also form an important part of this learning programme.


"The trainer was great, full of life, energetic and had a real passion for MSP which kept you hooked in." Delegate

“One to one tutorials are about as good as it gets!”. Delegate


If you want to gain a recognition of your ability to manage programmes in the real world, then this course is for you. The Advanced Practitioner qualification has only been achieved by a limited number of people, and so success at this level will set you apart in the field of programme management.This course is based upon the 3rd edition of MSP that pearcemayfield helped to author.

Through taking this qualification, you will be able to:

• Demonstrate discernment and judgement of critical programme information

• Take a broad integrative view of the health and management of a programme

• Recommend and apply pragmatic solutions to programme scenarios

• Assess quickly the impact of external changes upon the programme

• Take the MSP Advanced Programme Management Examination


The course is built around a complex case study so that you have a real sense of working with a life-like programme. There will be particular emphasis on the interconnections of the MSP Governance Themes and Transformational Flow, and how the Principles of MSP can be expressed in different situations.

You will also work with sample examination papers and you will be given examination tips and full preparation for the MSP Advanced Practitioner examination.


The purpose of the advanced practitioner level is to confirm you could lead a programme of transformational change.

Exam Format

  • Essay based

  • up to 3 questions per paper, 75 marks available in total

  • 38 marks required to pass (out of 75 available) - 50%

  • Three hours duration

  • Open-book MSP manual (other material in the form of course notes, examples, copies of presentations, etc. can be used during this examination but no electronic aids, such as laptops, may be used)

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