CompTIA Network+ Certification

  • Understand the troubleshooting processes

  • Manage network infrastructure efficiently

  • Globally recognised and accredited

Key Points About CompTIA Network+ Certification

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 4 Days*

Accredited: Yes

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CompTIA Network+ Certification

Course Overview

The CompTIA Network+ Certification course provides in-depth knowledge of networking concepts such as network media and hardware modules. The delegates will learn about the network components, operations and LAN implementation. The concepts such as remote network application, security threats and attacks will be covered as well.

Course Outline

An Overview of Topologies and Infrastructure

  • What is signalling?
  • Discuss Media Access Control
  • Define Ethernet Frames Summary
  • Discussing Legacy Ethernet Standards
  • Define Modern Ethernet Standards?
  • What is MAC Addressing?
  • Define ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
  • What are Protocol Analyzers?
  • Define Data Link Layer, Network Layer and Upper Layers
  • Discuss OSI Model, Ethernet and Media Types
  • Define Network Structure
  • Define Customers and Servers
  • Define Network Topologies?
  • Describing OSI Model

What is Addressing and Routing?

  • An Introduction to ifconfig / ipconfig
  • Define Subnet Masks
  • Specify ICMP and ping
  • Define Internet Protocol
  • IP Routing overview

An Overview of Troubleshooting and Management

  • Understanding Transport Protocols
  • An Overview of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  • Discussing TCP/IP Ports
  • What is Net stat?

Installation Process

  • Define Twisted Pair Cable (UTP / STP / SCTP)
  • Define Twisted Pair Connector?
  • An Overview of Network Sites and Wiring Distribution
  • What is the requirement of Safety and ESD?
  • Explain cable testing and troubleshooting
  • Set Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Controlling Physical Security
  • How to prevent from fire?
  • Use of Fibre Optic Connectors and Cable
  • Define Rack Systems
  • Define Power Management
  • Define Media Converters
  • Discuss Fiber Cable Problems
  • Installing Wireless Networks
  • Discuss wireless standards (IEEE 802.11)
  • Discuss plan of Wireless Site and wireless network
  • Define Apply position surveys and Antenna Placement
  • Define Wireless Links Management
  • Define Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Distinguish between PPTP and SSL VPNs
  • Define IP Security (IPsec)
  • Describe Modern Communications Networks
  • An Overview to Packet-switched WAN Facilities and Local Loop Facilities
  • Define Wireless WANs and WAN Skills
  • Define Telecommunications Networks and Remote Access networks
  • Define Specify Remote Access Services (RAS) and Remote Access Servers
  • Remote Access Links Management
  • WAN Disputes Troubleshooting

An Introduction to Security

  • An Overview of Wireless Security
  • Describe Network Attack Plans
  • What is service Renunciation
  • What are Security Applications?
  • Network Segmentation
  • Describe Demilitarised Zones (DMZ)
  • What is Network Address Translation
  • Define Firewalls
  • Configuration of Firewalls
  • An Overview of Proxies and Gateways
  • Deliberate Anti-malware Software
  • Define Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)?
  • Discuss Flaws and Fears of a system

The delegates must have completed CompTIA A+ certification before attending this course and some networking experience would also be useful.

CompTIA Network+ course is designed for the following professionals:

  • Network Technician
  • Network Installer
  • IT Cable Installer
  • Network Administrator
  • Help Desk Technician

The CompTIA Network+ Certification Cost in United Kingdom Starts from £2195.00

Please see our CompTIA Training courses available in United Kingdom

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Key points about this course

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 4 Days*

Accredited: Yes

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