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Six Sigma is a set of qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques that help in improving the overall processes by identifying errors in the business processes and eliminating them within an organisation. It was developed by Motorola Corporation in the 1980s to quantify risks in manufacturing and methods to reduce those manufacturing defects.

It is being used by prominent organisations worldwide to improve the overall quality of their businesses, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce variability in business processes. Six Sigma uses three methodologies – DMAIC, DMADV, and DFSS. The Six Sigma training covers four courses:

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    Being a data driven methodology it performs accurate data collection for analyses

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    Gain profits by implementing streamlined processes

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    Helps in improving processes by lowering the ratio of defects

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    Benefits individuals as well as organisations

Six Sigma Training Courses

Eliminate waste and incompetence

Course FAQ'S

Why should I opt for Six Sigma Training?


The main aim of the Six Sigma is to eliminate waste and incompetence and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Certified Six Sigma professionals help their organisations to identify and eliminate repeatable process errors and increase revenue
  • Able to conduct a complete review of current practices and achieve the level of sustained quality improvement
  • Six Sigma techniques can be applied across different sectors such as banking, information technology, aerospace, marketing, electronics and many more industries
  • As Six Sigma is a business-driven, multi-dimensional and an organised approach, it helps in improving processes, lowering the ratio of defects, reducing process erraticism and costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and business profits

What are the benefits of Six Sigma Training?


Individual Benefits

  • A Six Sigma Certification add value to your resume. It proves your commitment to improve the business and enhance the organisation’s profits
  • Professionals become key stakeholders in implementing Six Sigma tools and techniques in their organisations 
  • Enables the employees to work at their highest potential and effectively communicate with one another

Organisation Benefits

  • Customer Satisfaction: Organisations will implement improved business processes with the usage of Six Sigma methodologies. It will result in better output or product and lead to more satisfied customers.
  • Word of Mouth: Loyal customers spread the good word of mouth about the company and its products. This increases the goodwill of the organisation.
  • Develop effective People & Teams: It involves employees in the improvement process and promotes active participation and transparency throughout all levels of the organisation.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Six Sigma ensures that the upper and the lower management communicate with each other in a better way. This leads to satisfied employees and remains loyal to the company in troubled times also.
  • Customer loyalty: As long as the quality of the product remains consistent, the satisfied customers will stay loyal to the company and make future purchases.

Why should I enroll with Pearce Mayfield?


Pearce Mayfield has a team of well trained and experienced instructors that help you to understand the various concepts and terminologies involved in the training completely. We provide training in various modes like online, classroom and onsite training. Help and support team is always available to handle your queries. If you want to gain an understanding of Six Sigma methodology, then this is the right place for you.

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