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Six Sigma is a way by which organisations can pursue improvement in customer satisfaction and profit continuously. It attempts to improve value and productivity. The origin of Six Sigma Methodology is traced to Motorola in the early 1980s. The methodology aimed at achieving 10X reduction in product-failure levels in 5 years. Six Sigma uses three methodologies – DMAIC, DMADV, and DFSS. The Six Sigma training covers four courses though only the first three are required for a complete certification. The upgrade course is just to remain certified as a Six Sigma professional. The courses are:

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade

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    Being a data driven methodology it performs accurate data collection for analyses

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    Bring about profits by implementing streamlined processes

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    Helps in improving processes by lowering the ratio of defects

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    Benefits both the professional and organisation

Six Sigma Training Courses

Eliminating Waste and Incompetence

Course FAQ'S

Why should I opt for Six Sigma Training?


Six Sigma aim’s to eliminate waste and incompetence, as such swelling customer satisfaction.

  • Six Sigma follows a structured technique. Every participant has a defined role.
  • Six Sigma requires accurate data collection for analyses as it is a data driven methodology.
  • Six Sigma helps to bring about profits by implementing streamlined processes.
  • As Six Sigma is a business-driven, multi-dimensional and an organised approach, it helps in improving processes, lowering the ratio of defects, reducing process erraticism and costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and business profits.

What Are The Benefits of Six Sigma Training ?


Individual Benefit

  • A Six Sigma Certification add up to the value of resumé . It proves the commitment of the professionals to improving the Better Jobs with Higher Perks
  • Enhance the organization’s profits
  • Professionals become change agents within their organization
  • Achieving Six Sigma Certification opens the doors for promotion into upper management.

Organisation Benefits

  • Client Satisfaction  - With Six Sigma applied to the processes in an organisation, a customer would be more satisfied as he gets a better product.
  • Customer loyalty – Satisfied customers would be the one who would remain loyal to the company.
  • Word of Mouth – Loyal customers spread good word of mouth about the company and its products. This increases the goodwill of the organisation.
  • Employee satisfaction – Six Sigma ensures that the upper and the lower management communicate with each other in a better way. This leads to employees being satisfied overall and remaining loyal to the company in troubled times also.
  • Better partnerships – Good word of mouth leads to better share prises and this may also result in better partners who last for long with the organisation.

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Pearce Mayfield is known to provide the best training training through certified and experienced instructors. They help delegates overcome their doubts so that they can excel over such situations in real-time.

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