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The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification targets those individuals who are new to the Six Sigma methodology and want to get fundamental knowledge about Six Sigma. A Yellow belt professional could be an employee who is a fresher and wants to develop his/her skills using the DMAIC model for reducing waste and save time. This certification teaches the delegates how to use the Yellow Belt tools and methodologies in the organisation.

This course aims at providing the fundamental knowledge of Six Sigma to the delegates. The Yellow Belt professionals assist the Green Belt professionals in the organisation by delivering successful projects. They also help in fulfilling operational and transactional improvements such that the organisation is able to save both time and money while providing a boost to customer service delivery.

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    Analyse and solve root cause of problems

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    Improve stakeholder management and communication skills

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    Earn higher potential salaries and great resume builder

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    Course delivered by experienced and certified instructors

The course has no prerequisites.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is intended for anyone who wants to develop foundational knowledge of Six Sigma techniques. The course is also best suited for:

  • Business Process Analysts
  • Process Development Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Operating System Specialists
  • Project Engineers

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  • Use DMAIC model to improve processes
  • Understand trend charts, histograms, process maps and histograms
  • Improve efficiency of activities and processes by reducing costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and quality of deliverables
  • Use a failure mode and effects analysis to set priorities for improvement

Course Overview

Yellow Belt training provides an overview of the advantages and basic improvement practices of Six Sigma. The delegates will learn how to integrate Six Sigma methods for the development of systems to meet the client expectations. Yellow Belts are responsible for providing support to Six Sigma based ventures. A Yellow Belt is a professional who is part of a Six Sigma team and is considered as a subject matter expert (SME) in the project. Besides, Yellow Belts are also responsible for executing smaller projects or parts of a full-fledged Six Sigma projects by making use of the Plan, Do  Check, Act method.


The Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam will be conducted on the last day of the training program. Details as follows:

  • Type of questions: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Total questions: 60 questions
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Pass Percentile: 66.66% or (40 out of 60 question)

Course Content

  • Introduction to Six Sigma
    • Define Six Sigma
    • Why Six Sigma is required?
    • Outcome of Six Sigma Initiative
  • Design for Six Sigma
    • DFSS Customer to Customer Circle
    • DFSS - Product or Service
    • Traditional Methods vs. Six Sigma
    • The DMAIC Process
  • Define Phase
    • Voice of Customer
    • Project Charter for a Six Sigma Project
    • Identifying Stakeholders
    • Cost of Poor Quality Concept
  • Measure Phase
    • System definition
    • Kinds of Data
    • Advantages and disadvantages of Distinct Data
    • Variation and measurement
  • Analyse Phase
    • Various analysis tools
    • Run Chart
    • Histogram and Pareto Chart
    • Process Flow Diagram
    • IPO Diagram
    • Cause-Effect Diagram
  • Improve Phase
    • FMEA Risk Analysis
    • Standard Operating Procedure
    • Process Improvement: Selecting and implementing
  • Control Phase
    • Control Charts: Introduction and Various Types
    • Control vs. Capability

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Canterbury
27-08-2019 £3499.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Chelmsford
27-08-2019 £3499.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Chorley
27-08-2019 £3499.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Dublin
27-08-2019 £2295.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Guildford
27-08-2019 £3499.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Ipswich
27-08-2019 £3499.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Leicester
27-08-2019 £3499.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Nottingham
27-08-2019 £1895.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Oxford
27-08-2019 £3499.00
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 Days Plymouth
27-08-2019 £3499.00