A Quick Glance

MSP® Re-registration exam is for MSP® Practitioner as well as MSP® Advanced Practitioner Certification holders. The professionals are required to sit in an additional re-registration exam within three to five years of original certification so that the accreditation can be retained.

With this exam, the delegates will be enabled to demonstrate their commitment to continuing professional development. After the completion of the course, we ensure that the delegates knowledge remain current so that they can continue to perform within the organisation.  

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    MSP® courses is fully accredited by PeopleCert

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    Our courses are delivered by highly experienced and qualified MSP® certified trainers

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    Identify and implement programme management techniques in the organisation

Course Overview

MSP® Practitioner Re-registration

Exam Format

There will be three questions with scenario background and appendices. Each of the three questions is worth 10 marks. 50% percent marks are needed to clear the exam, i.e. 15 out of 30 scores.

The exam will be of 15 minutes, and this will be an open book examination.

MSP® Advanced Practitioner Re-registration

Exam Format

The exam will include a 2000-4000 word dissertation on a particular subject provided. No time restrictions are imposed on the dissertation. 50 percent marks are required to clear the exam.


MSP® Re-Registration Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Bristol
21-06-2018 £2499.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Manchester
21-06-2018 £1699.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days London
28-06-2018 £1169.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Glasgow
28-06-2018 £2499.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Milton Keynes
05-07-2018 £2499.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days London
12-07-2018 £1169.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Southampton
19-07-2018 £2499.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Birmingham
19-07-2018 £1699.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Reading
26-07-2018 £2499.00
MSP® Re-Registration 2 days Cardiff
26-07-2018 £2499.00