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IT skills are required by every organisation. These skills include networking, security and IT infrastructure skills. The CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is a unified voice in IT community. Pearce Mayfield offers CompTIA training courses such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Network+ courses. The course introduces delegates to the areas of security, troubleshooting, installation and networking.

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CompTIA Training Courses

Gain security and networking skills

Course Overview

The CompTIA Training courses include three courses. The CompTIA A+ course provides competency of infrastructure skills. The CompTIA Network+ course provides a thorough knowledge of networking and CompTIA Security+ course provides knowledge of network security.

Benefits of CompTIA training:

After attending CompTIA Training courses, the delegates will get following benefits:

  • The infrastructure skills, security skills and networking skills will be validated
  • Increased productivity and better competence standards

Why Choose Pearce Mayfield?

Pearce Mayfield is the world best training provider. We provide skills that help you to gear up career. We have well-qualified instructors to provide you best support. We are offering around 230 courses at more than 90 locations. You can learn from our online, onsite and classroom delivery methods. We offer courses at best price. We understand that training is not an end in itself, it means to enhance performance. We build everlasting relationships with our customers.


What is CompTIA Certification?

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) offers many CompTIA certified courses. It also provides accreditation to the training providers. The accredited training providers provide the CompTIA certifications to the delegates after the completion of the training program. CompTIA was established in 1982. About 2.2 million people got certification every year. When CompTIA was founded, it was named as ABCD (Association of Better Computer Dealers).

In 2014, CompTIA launched Dream IT program for girls and women. In June 2015, it also launched online resources for schools. This organisation includes resources for teachers and students to get competence of computer skills.

Steps for achieving CompTIA certification:

  • The delegates have to choose one of the certification:
    • A plus Certification: The delegates who want to acquire knowledge of IT infrastructure should attend this course
    • Security plus Certification: This certification provides risk resolution skills
    • Network plus Certification: This certification provides competence of networking skills
  • The delegates can enroll in the classroom, online and offline delivery methods

What is IT Security?

Security is essential for digital information and IT resources. The attacker can attack internally, externally or maliciously. The protection mechanism includes detection and prevention of threats. It also includes security policies, IT services and software tools. The two types of security are provided to systems. One is information security and other is computer security.

The need for Security:

  • The security is required to protect the systems
  • The information should be protected
  • The confidential information should not be retrieved by the unofficial persons

Various kinds of attacks:

The systems may be targeted by attackers. Two type of attacks can occur:

  • Passive attacks: The attacks are done to monitor the system
  • Active attacks: These attacks are done to harm data of the system

The following types of attacks can happen:

  • Denial-of-Service attack: It affects the system performance by not allowing employees to use the resources.
  • Sniffer attack: Using the sniffer software, the attackers can outbreak the system which enables them to read information and analyse
  • Brute-Force attack: The attackers try to crack the passwords using keys generated by original passwords.

How to identify and prevent the attacks?

This can be done by following:

  1. Recognize the cyphers of a DDoS attack.
  2. Incident response preparation
  3. Contacting ISP provider



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