training courses

We focus on enabling your learning, rather than “training you.” The results are acclaimed and imaginative programmes where there are all kinds of activities and exercises that build to a  sound understanding and competence.

You already have areas of excellence and good practice. We don’t ignore that, but seek to affirm it, build upon it, and mobilise it.

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We can help you identify key areas to focus upon that will yield breakthrough performance.

One client came to us with issues around dealing with difficult and powerful stakeholders; we helped them become more influential and develop greater confidence.

“I really valued my coaching. I felt I had a private advocate who was safe and understood”.


learning pathways

For most of us, the majority of our learning is gained on the job as we practice.
Exploit this natural process of learning with this unique online tool.

innovative solutions

Clients are now using our learning
pathways following our in-house
courses so that managers develop
and consolidate their skills on the
back of our classroom learning.

measuring your returns

As you proceed through the
learning pathway you are able to
claim savings and other value from
the new practices and skills you

evidence based

You will develop a journal as you
navigate the pathways helping you
capture evidence, reflect, learn and