BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness

  • Understand techniques to evaluate a financial case

  • Enhance business analysis skills and knowledge

  • Understand internal and external impacts for successful organisational evaluation

Key Points About BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 2 Days*

Pre-course Reading: 2-5 Hours

Accredited: Yes

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BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness

Course Overview

The course schedule divides the Commercial Awareness course into two parts – Business Finance and Organisational Behaviour. While the former covers Finance related details for IT Decision Makers, the latter covers Business Analysis Techniques (BAT) and Organisational Behaviour (OB).

The course enables the delegates to deliver effective business analysis, evaluate the financial case and interpret financial accounts by gaining the commercial and organisational knowledge. During the course, the delegates will learn the concepts of costing and pricing, the purpose of building a financial case, financial reporting and analysis, group formation, principles of organisational structure and organisational behaviour and culture. 


  • Type: Multiple choice questions
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Total: 40 questions
  • Pass Percentage: 65%
  • Closed book exam

Course Outline

Business Finance

  • Evaluating a Financial Case
  • Purpose of Building a Financial Case
  • Techniques used for evaluating a Financial Case
    • Payback
      • Calculation
      • Payback and Risk
      • Limitations of Payback
    • Discounted Cash Flow /Net Present Value
      • Purpose
      • Calculation
      • The NPV Decision Rule
    • Internal Rate of Return
      • How to derive IRR
      • How IRR is used
      • The IRR Decision Rule
    • Budgeting, Costing and Pricing
      • Budgets and Departmentalised Businesses
      • The purpose of budgets
      • Reasons for departmentalization
      • Cost centres and profit centres
    • Cash Flow and Cash Management
      • Cash flow forecasting
      • Use of cash flow in decision making
      • Cash flow and profit
    • Costing and Pricing
      • Fixed and Variable costs
      • Direct and indirect costs
      • Break even and Contribution Analysis
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis
      • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
      • Purpose and Structure
      • The nature, purpose and types of Capital
      • Current and non-current liabilities
      • Current and non-current assets
    • Income and Expenditure (Income Statement, Profit and Loss Account)
      • The importance of Operating Profit
      • Revenue (turnover)
      • Cost of Sales
      • Administrative Expenses
      • Profit after Tax
    • Statement of Cash Flows (Cash Flow Statement)
      • Ratios (formulae and interpretation)
      • Profitability Ratios: Operating Margin and Return on Capital Employed ratios
      • Liquidity (Cash Management) Ratios : Current and “Acid Test” ratios
      • Gearing (Leverage) Ratio: Debt/Equity Ratio

Organisational Behaviour

  • Market analysis and competitive advantage
    • Analysing the business domain - Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    • Analysing the portfolio - Boston Box
    • Delivering value - Porter’s Value Chain
  • Organisational behaviour and culture
    • What is organisational behaviour?
    • Organisational effectiveness and the Balanced Scorecard
  • Understanding and analysing culture
    • Organisational Cultural Types (Deal and Kennedy; Handy)
    • International Cultures (Hofstede)
    • The Cultural Web
  • Group formation
    • Groups and group dynamics
    • Formal and informal groups
    • Groups and group tasks
    • Characteristics of formal groups
    • Homan’s theory of group formation
    • Tuckman and Jensen’s theory of group development
    • Characteristics of informal groups
    • Social networks
  • Principles of organisational structure
    • Organisation structuring
      • Elements of organisation structure
      • The six Structure Levels
      • The Leavitt Diamond
    • Types of jobs
      • Work specialisation
      • Flat and tall hierarchies
      • Span of control
    • Line, staff and functional relationships
    • Formalisation of rules and procedures
    • Centralisation v decentralisation
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages
    • Operating models
      • Organisation structures and their characteristics
        • Functional
        • Divisional – product or service/ geography/ customer
        • Matrix
        • Team-based – cross-functional/ project
      • Organisational boundaries
        • Boundaryless organisations
        • Outsourcing
        • Offshoring
        • Hollow organisation structures
        • Modular organisation structures
        • Virtual organisations
        • Collaborations and strategic alliances

No prerequisites are required for attending the course.

The BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness course is intended for those professionals who want to know the intricacies of the behavior of organisations. It is also meant for those professionals who want to bring a change in their business change and are involved as one of the following roles in their organisation:

  • Business Analysts
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architects
  • Service managers

The BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness Cost in United Kingdom Starts from £875.00

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Key points about this course

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 2 Days*

Pre-course Reading: 2-5 Hours

Accredited: Yes

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