Certified Agile DevOps Professional (CADOP)

  • Understand the life cycle and methodologies of Agile.
  • Acquire skills on how to monitor process performance.
  • Gain an understanding of agile process reviews and identify improvements.

Key Points About Certified Agile DevOps Professional (CADOP)

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 2 Days*

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Certified Agile DevOps Professional (CADOP)

Course Overview

DevOps is a cultural shift resulting from the agile software development methodology that promotes ideal collaboration between the operations team, testing and development teams. DevOps is a professional practice which strengthens the imperative relationship between IT operation professionals and software developers. The plan is to set up a domain for testing, building and deploying of software releases and infrastructure that frequently changes, however, more reliably with an automated process.

When an organisation starts thinking about cooperating IT operations with its developers, then it must adopt DevOps. In DevOps training, they can learn how to build, test, and deploy software. The combination of IT operations with software development allows the organisation to continually deliver quality value in the face of continually changing requirements.

Pearce Mayfield also offers a Certified DevOps Professional (CDOP) and Certified DevOps Security Professional (CDOSP) course which will help delegates to enhance their knowledge. Delegates will also learn how to effectively collaborate with process stakeholders, methodologies of agile, essential DevOps practices, and product and project backlog. By attending this Certified Agile DevOps Professional course, delegates will learn DevOps culture, terminology, objectives, principles, business benefits.

Course Outline

Day 1 

Agile, the Agile Manifesto 

  • The Attributes of Agile
  • What is Agile?
  • Producing Value
  • Characteristics of Agile
  • Agile, the Agile Manifesto
  • The 4 Values of the Agile Manifesto
  • Principles of Agile
  • Agile and Sprint Life Cycles
  • Benefits of Agile
  • Disadvantages of Agile

Agile Concepts and Methodologies of Agile 

  • Agile Concepts
  • Methodologies of Agile
  • Methodologies of Agile: Extreme Programming
  • Methodologies of Agile: Crystal Methodologies
  • Methodologies of Agile: Scrum
  • Methodologies of Agile

Day 2 

DevOps Terminology, Objectives, and Principles 

  • DevOps Terminology
  • DevOps Objectives
  • DevOps Principles

DevOps Culture and Its Business Benefits 

  • DevOps Culture
  • DevOps Benefits

Key DevOps Practices 

Agile Process Owner Role 

  • Understand Agile Process Owner Role
  • The Roles of a Process Owner

Agile Process Design and Improvements 

  • The Aim of the Agile Design Process
  • The Agile Design Process, Practices, and Philosophies
  • Design Throughout The Life Cycle
  • Agile Process Improvement
  • How Might it Look?
  • Agile Development and Agile Improvement

Product and Project Backlog 

  • Product Backlog
  • Product Backlog: Characteristics
  • Prioritising the Product Backlogs
  • Why Prioritise?

Agile Process Reviews and Identify Improvements 

  • Learn Agile Process Reviews and Identify Improvements
  • Types of Reviews
  • Metrics to Assess Agile Reviews
  • Various Metrics to Assess Agile Reviews
  • Overcoming Resistance

How to Effectively Collaborate with Process Stakeholders?

  • Learn How to Collaborate with Process Stakeholders Effectively
  • Treat Stakeholders as Partners
  • Stakeholders have Responsibilities too
  • Maintain an Ongoing Dialogue Between Users and Developers
  • Keep the Stakeholders Involved in the Entire Project Life Cycle
  • Ensure all the Stakeholders are Identified
  • Make Project Information Transparent to Stakeholders
  • Use Collaborative Technology
  • Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

Agile: Release and Iteration Planning 

Monitor Process Performance

In this Certified Agile DevOps Professional course, there are no formal prerequisites, but it is more beneficial if you have knowledge of IT services and Scrum.

The roles that could take benefit from this course:

  • Process Stakeholders and Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Internal and External Suppliers
  • Software Developer and Testers

The Certified Agile DevOps Professional (CADOP) Cost in United Kingdom Starts from £1645.00

Please see our DevOps courses available in United Kingdom


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Key points about this course

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 2 Days*

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