Time Management Training

  • Gain an understanding of how to improve your time management skills effectively.
  • Identify the principles of goal setting with SMART goals.
  • Learn how to manage organisation schedule by using various tools.

Key Points About Time Management Training

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 1 Day*

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Time Management Training

Course Overview

Time management is the active process of planning and controlling that how much time should be spent on specific activities to increase productivity. An effective plan can help to reduce waste time, increase productivity, reduce stress, and allows you to work more successfully in an organisation. This 1-day course is designed to equip delegates with the skills required to make more progress in the shortest time by using their time effectively with time management skills and techniques.

This Time Management Training course will help delegates to understand how to manage schedules with less time usage. It is an essential asset in almost all the organisations and helps the business to increase work efficiency to achieve greater control of their daily activities.

By attending this course, delegates will learn how to organise their time efficiently and effectively in their organisation. They will also learn different concepts such as identifying principles of goal settings, scheduling and its types, creating and executing a plan, establishing their work, and managing scheduling technology.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction of Time Management

  • Introduction
  • The Importance of Time Management
  • Fundamental Skills for Managing a Schedule
  • Features of a Schedule

Module 2: Identify Objectives and Goals

  • Introduction to Goal Setting
  • Identify the Principles of Goal Setting
  • Smart Goals

Module 3: Effective Time Management Skills

  • Identify Different Tasks
  • Examine How to Manage your Time in an Efficient Manner
  • Identify Energy Flow

Module 4: Exploring Your Growth

  • Organise Regular Reviews
  • Difference Between Planned and Actual Use
  • Monitoring the Results

Module 5: Introduction to Scheduling

  • Long-Term Scheduling
  • Medium-Term Scheduling
  • Short-Term Scheduling

Module 6: Creating a Plan

  • Making an Action Plan
  • The Role of Planning
  • Executing a Plan
  • Assess Methods of Making a Schedule

Module 7: Overview of Priority Tasks

  • The Difference Between Urgency and Importance
  • Creating a Paired Comparison Analysis Tool
  • Pareto Analysis Technique
  • Grid Analysis Tool for Decision Making

Module 8: Introduction to Routines

  • About Routines and Setting a Routine
  • Using Routine to Manage an Effective Time-Span

Module 9: Establishing Your Work

  • Gathering Tools
  • Successful Skills for Maintaining Your Schedule

Module 10: Manage a Meeting

  • Various Meetings for Different Purposes
  • Planning for a Meeting

Module 11: Evaluation

  • Maintaining a Log
  • Interruptions
  • Tools to Use for Evaluation

Module 12: Delegation

  • About Delegates
  • The Delegation Process
  • The Advantages of Delegation

Module 13: Managing Scheduling Technology

  • Required Tools and Skills
  • Using Technology to Your Benefit
  • Managing Technology
  • Paper Handling

There are no formal prerequisites for this Time Management Training course.

This Time Management Training course is designed for anyone, but is more suitable for:

  • Professionals, Managers, and HR
  • Business Owners
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals who want to balance their workload and gain more control of time

The Time Management Training Cost in United Kingdom Starts from £1095.00

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Key points about this course

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 1 Day*

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