See What People Are Saying

2017-02-17 True. But. Useless.

True. But. Useless. Is your knowledge all absolutely, technically true, but has no practical relevance? We know a lot of things, don’t we? I have worked in training and education within the project management community for longer than I am willing to admit. Recently, while I was leading a PRINCE2 training course, a delegate asked a question to which I immediately, unthinkingly said, “take a look at page ‘x’ in the PRINCE2 manual”.

2017-01-16 15 Top Tips to Help You Become a Practitioner

15 Top Tips to help you prepare for your PRINCE2, MSP, Change Management, Agile, Better Business Cases and other Foundation and Practitioner examinations. Over the years, we have seen many people take their Foundation and Practitioner exams in a range of different subjects. We have seen many people pass those exams, and a few people fail them, including some who should not have.

2016-09-07 When 3 + 2 doesn’t equal 5

I’m often asked why we design and deliver our PRINCE2 Practitioner courses in the way we do.” Why is your course designed this way?”, people enquire (see, I told you that’s what happens). Before I explain why, let me just briefly explore what we do, and what other training organisations do.

2016-08-02 The Hierarchy of Project Variables

Practitioners of PRINCE2, the well-known project management method, will be familiar with the six project management variables. The PRINCE2 manual calls these the “six aspects of project performance to be managed”, a good way of describing them. I would like to consider five of these variables, and how they might constitute a hierarchy of factors that lead to the ultimate aim - project success.

2016-06-15 If you train them, they will leave!

It’s a tough one for me, as a learning and development professional, to understand. The mindset that believes that if we train people we are simply giving them a ticket to another job, we’ve made them more marketable and they are going to take advantage of it.I remember one of our clients once telling us that the majority of the staff that had received project management training provided by us had since moved on, “…