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Cancellation Policy

The Contract may not be cancelled by the Client except by agreement in writing of both parties and upon the payment to pearcemayfield of such amount as may be necessary to indemnify pearcemayfield against all loss resulting from the said cancellation.

Where pearcemayfield relates to the provision of training Services (but excluding Skills Licences and Training Delivery Programmes):

The Client agrees to pay pearcemayfield a sum equal to the percentages set out in the table below of the sums due in respect of a course invoice due to pearcemayfield. This will be levied by a Supplementary Fee Invoice, by way of agreed damages if a delegate fails to attend, cancels or withdraws from a course at which such training Services are to be provided, less than 15 working days before course commencement.

Where a Client wishes to change the date of attendance or, re-schedule attendance at a particular course pearcemayfield will issue a Supplementary Fee Invoice, which will be an additional charge based on a percentage of the original invoice or another sum based upon the detail above.

In the case of a skills licence or an advance payment for undetermined training to be agreed at a future date, the training must take place within Twelve months from the date of the agreement or booking. If the Client does not request the training and subsequently the training does not take place during this period (twelve months), the booking will be cancelled and any monies paid in respect of training under the booking shall be deemed forfeit.

Cancellation fee

Working days before course commencement Cancellation fee Transfer fee
0 to 20 100% 100%
20+ £50 £50

The Client may substitute delegates at any time upon notification in writing to pearcemayfield subject to any new delegate complying with the requirements for the course as notified by pearcemayfield to the Client.