TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course

  • The TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course is fully accredited by The Open Group.
  • Prepare for TOGAF® examination and become TOGAF® certified.

Key Points About TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 4 Days*

Accredited: Yes

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TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course

Course Overview

This 4-day TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course provides candidates with the knowledge needed to pass the TOGAF® Foundation and Training Course and TOGAF® Practitioner Training Course exams.

The Knowledge Academy provides TOGAF® Standard, which offers the following improvements:

  • Enhanced guidance
  • Removal of errors
  • Improved course structure
  • Removal of irrelevant content
  • Updates to the Business Architecture and Content Metamodel

These changes make the TOGAF® framework easier to use and maintain. The course is fully accredited by The Open Group and includes a TOGAF® exam voucher, enabling candidates to take the TOGAF® exam when they are prepared and ready. This TOGAF® course helps aspiring Enterprise Architects understand how TOGAF® can address an enterprise's requirements; the course will also highlight why the creation of an Enterprise Architecture system, built on best practice, can deliver outcomes that can drive a business forward and deliver its vision.

TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course enables the acquisition of knowledge concerning information system modularisation, standardisation, appraisal mechanisms, and of how to transform pre-existing practices - helping to develop a critical understanding of what constitutes an efficient IT system. TOGAF® is the standardised global framework of Enterprise Architecture - it enables a thorough and uniform approach to orchestrating, designing, creating, planning, implementing, managing, and appraising information systems. Hence, achieving the certified TOGAF® status demonstrates that a candidate possesses the required knowledge to apply the concepts of TOGAF® to an enterprise architecture and technology environment. TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course enhances a candidate’s awareness of architectural concepts, in addition to learning tailorable architectural appraisal techniques - offering the opportunity to practice designing, planning, implementing, and governing information systems on a small scale.

The TOGAF® Foundation Training Course focuses on fundamental knowledge and concepts behind TOGAF®, while the TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course demonstrates that the holder knows how to analyse and apply what they have learned. 

This TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Course delivered by The Knowledge Academy is a course accredited by The Open Group. Pearce Mayfield Training promotes this course for The Knowledge Academy.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Module F13: TOGAF Certification for People Program
  • Module 1: Overview of Management
  • Module F6: ADM Phases Level 1
  • Module F7: ADM Techniques and Guidelines
  • Module F11: ADM Deliverables Level 1
  • Module F12: TOGAF Reference Models
  • Module 2: The Framework Components of TOGAF
  • Module 3: Architecture Development Method Introduction
  • Module 4: Enterprise Tools and Continuum
  • Module 5: Architecture Repository
  • Module 6: Content Framework of Architecture
  • Module 7: TOGAF Content Metamodel 
  • Module 8: Preliminary Phase
  • Module 9: Architecture Governance
  • Module 10: Business Scenarios
  • Module 11: Management of Stakeholder
  • Module 12: Architecture Viewpoints and Views
  • Module 13: Building Blocks
  • Module 14: The Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
  • Module 15: Phase A: The Architecture Vision
  • Module 16A: Phase B: The Business Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams, and Matrices
  • Module 16: Phase B: Business Architecture
  • Module 17: Phase C: Overview of Information Systems Architectures
  • Module 18A: Phase C: The Data Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams, and Matrices
  • Module 18: Phase C: Data Architecture
  • Module 19: Reference Model of Integrated Information Infrastructure
  • Module 20A: Phase C: The Application Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams, and Matrices
  • Module 20: Phase C: Application Architecture
  • Module 21: TOGAF Foundation Architecture: TRM
  • Module 22A: Phase D: The Technology Architecture – Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams
  • Module 22: Phase D: The Technology Architecture
  • Module 23: Planning Techniques of Migration
  • Module 24: Phase E: Solutions and Opportunities
  • Module 25: Phase F: Migration Planning
  • Module 26: Phase G: Implementation Governance
  • Module 27: Phase H: Architecture Change Management
  • Module 28: ADM Architecture Requirements Management
  • Module 29: Architecture Partitioning
  • Module 30: Adapting the ADM: Levels and Iteration
  • Module 31: Adapting the ADM: Security
  • Module 33: Architecture Maturity Models
  • Module 34: Architecture Skills Framework

This course is open to anyone, and there are no prerequisites.

Anyone can join this course who wants to learn more about TOGAF® and Enterprise Architecture to achieve TOGAF® certified status. After completing this course, delegates will increase the awareness of architectural concepts.

The TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course Cost in United Kingdom Starts from £93495.00

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Key points about this course

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 4 Days*

Accredited: Yes

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