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ABOUT US > Giving the Gift of Education

Our 'Giving the Gift of Education' initiative  is one way in which we are demonstrating our belief in our social responsibility. For every place booked on one of our public training events we are donating £5 to the work of Roots, a charity working to make a difference in the lives of people in Southern Sudan.

The specific project that we are supporting is the building and equipping of a primary school library in the town of Yei. With every course place booked, we will buy a book for that library. 

Here are just a few facts about education in South Sudan:

  • 85% of adults cannot read or write
  • Less than 50% of children receive 5 years of primary education
  • The average class size in Sudan is 127 pupils per class
  • The vast majority of schools have very few resources - and no books for the children

Thank you for booking your training course with us.

Thank you for giving the gift of education...