Managing Benefits

Managing Benefits
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product description

Managing Benefits is a new publication from APMG-International which provides comprehensive guidance on how to manage delivery of the benefits used to justify investment in change through portfolios of programmes and projects.

It is essential guidance for all involved in successful change delivery from senior responsible owners and directors through to portfolio, programme & project managers.

The guidance is the source material for an accredited qualification from APMG-International.

Key features:

An overview of benefits management – what it is, the case for doing it and some common misconceptions that can limit its effectiveness in practice.

Descriptions of the seven principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are built, and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice.

Guidance on how to apply benefits management at a portfolio level, as well as at an individual project or programme level.

Details of the five practices in the Benefits Management Cycle and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice.

Advice on how to get started in implementing effective benefits management.

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