Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices P3O – guidance, processes and techniques

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices- P3O
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In today’s ever-loving business environment, it is vital to maintain a high level of confidence in the delivery of an organisation’s portfolio of programmes and projects. Organisations put at risk their investment in change if they fail to implement and maintain appropriate business support structures.

Deployed properly, the various elements described in Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices P3O act in a coherent and coordinated manner to give a source of reliable, accurate and up-to-date information as a basis for sound and transparent decision-making.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices P3O describes how to build effective governance structures for managing portfolios, programmes and projects that is tailored to the needs of the organisation.

The publication looks at the different types of office that may exist in a P3O structure, the roles necessary to manage the functions and services carried out within a P3O and some of the key techniques and tools they will use. The guidance is illustrated with real world examples and case studies.

It answers the question posed by Senior Management – “Why have P3Os and what value do they add to the organisation?” There is guidance for building a business case, illustrated with an example, and funding models for set-up and on-going costs and discusses the value of performance measures.

The book describes how to scope and set up a suitable P3O model within an organisation and looks at typical lifecycles of P3O models.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices P3O

about the author

Eileen Roden- Author

Sue Vowler- Mentor

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