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Living up to its reputation as a specialist in the field of leadership and learning development, pearcemayfield has launched an audio series on the 2009 edition of project management method PRINCE2.

This audio series is aimed at both, registered PRINCE2 Practitioners who are about to refresh their qualification through a re-registration examination and new delegates who would want to get comfortable with the PRINCE2 method and gain from the subject matter expert view.
There are sixteen episodes in the series full of insights and examples. Not only will the members will be able to listen to the audio series from their desktops and Laptops, they will also be able to use the downloaded files for using in their iPods and other mobile devices at the click of a button.

about the author

Hear Patrick Mayfield and John Edmonds, a PRINCE2 author talk about PRINCE2 and all that is new in the 2009 edition of this famous project management method.

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