PRINCE2® Modular Practitioner 5 days

About this course

PRINCE2 is the established global approach to managing projects. It is generic – capable of being applied to any kind of project – and it is business-driven. Organisations that have adopted PRINCE2 have claimed that they have been able to achieve greater customer satisfaction during and at the end of projects, reduce costs and realise greater benefit from project deliverables.

The PRINCE2 qualification is now established as an external competence measure by organisations throughout the world.

This certified course is designed by one of the authors of PRINCE2.

Who is it for?

Project managers

Team leaders

Senior managers engaged in sponsoring projects 

Anyone who is, or is going to be, engaged in significant project work

What is included?

All our materials are graphically designed using Richard E Mayer’s proven principles for multimedia learning. Our design philosophy has a focus on the learner at all times and we are constantly developing, revising and refining course and delegate materials in response to client and trainer feedback.

"The materials provided to delegates are clear and consistent, and of an exceptionally high standard.  They evidence a thoughtful and thorough approach on the part of the author, supported by a high level of knowledge of, and experience in, the subject matter.  The Course Designer has done a very thorough and credit-worthy job in preparing this material."  (Accreditation body independent assessor)

Materials included in your registration are:

• Your own copy of Managing Successful Projects using PRINCE2 to mark and tab as you wish

• Our acclaimed full colour Pre-course Workbook

• Foundation and Practitioner Examination Registration

• Stationery (foolscap pad, highlighters, pop tabs, pens & pencils)

• Folder containing the course work and references

• Certificate

• Joining instructions, venue map and directions, syllabus and exam candidate guidance.

• Refreshments and lunches are included.

A fully residential option is also available at our Oxford venue with study bedroom ensuite, breakfast and dinner.

Pre-event preparation

We include your personal copy of the PRINCE2 Manual in the registration fee, and this is sent to you in advance together with a pre-course workbook. Although not absolutely necessary, completion of this pre-course work is strongly advised. Delegates who complete this workbook before the course begins will find the whole experience much more comfortable, rewarding and enjoyable. 


“It’s always a pleasure to study at Cardiff University Professional Development's Centre. The staff are always friendly. It was my main reason for choosing this course”

PRINCE2 Practitioner course delegate September 2016

“Really 'top notch' and highly recommended. This is tough course and subject with a lot of info in a short period of time. First class venue, staff very friendly.” Public course delegate, London

“I was expecting the course to be very deep and boring, however Richard kept us engaged throughout with experiences he had had which made the course enjoyable. His knowledge and training are the best I have ever come across.” NHS Wales delegate

“Graham was fantastic. He ensured that we understood and any questions were answered (repeatedly!). He was very patient and explained the manual brilliantly, so we could both pass the exam and understand how Prince2 works in the real world. This was a fantastically run course which helped enlighten the Prince2 process and a tricky course manual. Absolutely invaluable experience and trainer. “  Public course delegate, Oxfordshire

“It’s been a first class course of the highest standard. The trainer did a wonderful job of conveying the course material.”  Public course delegate, London


Individuals will benefit by:

Learning how to manage projects or to work in a project environment using the most internationally recognized project management method.

Ensuring that team members focus on the viability of the project in relation to its business case objectives - rather than simply seeing the completion of the project as an end in itself.

Promoting consistency of project work and the ability to reuse project assets while facilitating staff mobility and reducing the impact of personnel changes/handovers.

Designing plans and reports to meet the needs of each level in the project team and Project Board, improving communication and control.

Being able to mitigate perceived problems and issues and focus on the viability of the project throughout.

Organisations will benefit through:

A shared and thoroughly understood language and approach to reporting which will save time and effort.

Increased staff awareness of their roles and responsibilities in the project management life cycle.

Utilization of an invaluable diagnostic tool, facilitating the assurance and assessment of project work, troubleshooting and audits.

Ensuring stakeholders (including sponsors and resource providers) are properly represented in planning and decision making.

Enabling more effective engagement of stakeholders in the process of project approval and management.


This 4½ day learning programme has been developed by a director of pearcemayfield and member of the PRINCE2 authoring team. It covers Foundation and Practitioner-level learning, and incorporates:

•  The seven PRINCE2 Principles - the means to tailor intelligently the method to any project

•  The seven Themes - Business Case, Organization, Plans, Quality, Progress, Change and Risk

•  The seven PRINCE2 Processes - and how they enable a controlled environment from pre-project all the way through to project closure

•  Tailoring PRINCE2 to the organizational environment

•  Foundation and Practitioner examinations

The course is designed in an integrated way, and the experienced course leader will take delegates through the material and the PRINCE2 manual in a logical and practical way.

A running case study illustrates how to apply different elements.

THIS MODULAR COURSE                                                                                                                        

This MODULAR PRINCE2 Practitioner course follows exactly the same syllabus as our standard five day course. However, in order to accommodate those delegates who for business or other reasons may find it difficult to devote 5 consecutive days to their training we offer this modular option, where the four days of training plus the examination can be split over a number of weeks and on different days if required.


To assist delegates with maintaining focus and attention on the training material in the period between modules we provide a carefully scoped and designed Modular ‘Evening Work and Study Plan’. This means that some modest ‘homework’ is required between modules and for ease of completion this can be submitted to the trainer electronically for assessment.  Additional questions can also be made available in the period prior to the final examination for those who may require them.

Many other approved training organisations structure their training around explanation and understanding of the Foundation curriculum ONLY to begin with. Our experience is that this can lead to a dry and tedious ‘cramming’ of the subject matter so instead we coach at both Foundation and Practitioner levels right from the start. This provides delegates with a far richer learning experience by applying the method in realistic situations all the way through.

The Foundation examination is taken at the end of Module Day 4, followed by the Practitioner paper on Day 5.  Thus the Foundation Paper is an intermediate step on the Practitioner exam coaching journey.


Practitioner Level

The Practitioner level examination tests your sufficiency of understanding in how to apply and tailor PRINCE2 in a given scenario situation.

Exam Format:

Objective testing

8 questions - 10 question items per question, each worth one mark

44 marks or more required to pass (out of 80 available) - 55%

Two-and-a-half hours (150 minutes) duration with no additional reading time

Open book exam (official PRINCE2 manual only).

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PRINCE2® Modular Practitioner 5 days, 09 Oct 2017 (9:00AM – 5:00PM)

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Cardiff 09 – 20 Oct 2017 9:00AM – 7:00PM £1,545.00


09 – 20 Oct 2017

9:00AM – 7:00PM

£1,545.00 exc. VAT


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