CCNP Wireless Training

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Key Points About CCNP Wireless Training

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 15 Days*

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CCNP Wireless Training

Course Overview

The CCNP Wireless training course helps the delegates and professionals in designing, implementing and securing Wireless Networks.  The courses focuses mainly on the principles and theories of the wireless networks. These professionals are responsible for setting up and maintaining the wireless network set-up.

The exam format will be:

Questions : Multiple Objective Type Questions

Number of questions : 60-70

Duration: 90 minutes

Course Outline

  • Describe, and design voice ended wireless architecture

    • Design wireless for voice
    • Utilise other design considerations, as per the view design guide (VAD, MoH, Load balancing, and so on)
    • Define voice in relation to the wireless network
    • Validate infrastructure requirements for end-to-end voice over wireless (CUCM, CUCME, QoS, ACS, DHCP, TFTP, routers, security devices, etc.)
    • Describe VoWLAN integration with cellular providers
    • Validate wireless network design for voice readiness

  • Implement VoWLAN

    • Configure wireless client devices
    • Set the WLAN for VoWLAN
    • Troubleshoot VoWLAN implementation

  • Implement multicast over wireless

    • Configure multicast in a wireless network
    • Troubleshoot multicast in a wireless network
    • Describe general multicast concepts
    • Describe implications for multicast in 802.11

  • Implement QoS for wireless applications

    • Describe and perform general considerations for wired QoS
    • Define the Wireless QoS deployment schemes and learn to implement them
    • Configure WCS/WLC for QoS
    • Reference most current best practice guidelines

  • Prepare the wireless network for video/high-bandwidth applications

    • Explain benefits of 802.11n for video
    • Identify application specific wireless network requirements
    • Determine bandwidth requirements for specified applications

  • Design and deploy WLAN infrastructure for mobility

    • Configure single Service Set Identifier (SSID) plans w/mobility
    • Analyse implications of L2 and L3 roaming
    • Tune RF situation for context-aware services
    • Troubleshooting inter-controller communications
    • Troubleshoot AP join process using the following solutions
    • Implement the following Cisco Unified Wireless best practices
    • Define and implement mobility groups/list
    • Implement high availability
    • Adjust authentication/EAP timers

  • Deploy and manage indoor and outdoor Mesh

    • Describe wireless Mesh and its benefits
    • Identify the following Mesh operation modes:
    • Apply Mesh
    • Explain Mesh convergence
    • Utilise Cisco WCS for Mesh monitoring
    • Use workgroup bonds

  • Perform advanced services and manage with Cisco WCS and Navigator

    • Describe Navigator's role, types, and occupations
    • Configure background tasks
    • Configure and apply controller and access point templates
    • Monitor and convert autonomous Apps
    • Install and maintain Cisco WCS/Navigator and complete the following tasks
    • Configure WLC auto-provisioning
    • Utilise configuration auditing in Cisco WCS
    • Implement Cisco WCS partitioning and Navigator domains
    • Perform time of day AP power savings
    • Implement scheduled WLAN availability
    • Create and customise Cisco WCS reports

  • Plan and assimilate wireless network with NAC

    • Define the architectures; inband, out-of-band, agent vs. agentless, and the Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) appliance.
    • Define the high-level authentication process flow
    • Configure the WLC for Network Access Controller (NAC)
    • Verify wireless authentication with NAC

  • Design and implement Guest Access services

    • Describe the architectures for guest access services
    • Set guest access accounts
    • Configure controller web authentication
    • Set the anchor and internal controllers
    • Troubleshoot guest access issues

  • Device MSE style

    • Integrate and manage MSE with Cisco WCS integration with wireless network architecture
    • Maintain MSE
    • Troubleshoot MSE operations
    • Deploy context-aware facilities for specific environments
    • Integrate third-party applications

  • Implement secure wireless connectivity services

    • Configure authentication
    • Configure autonomous AP for RADIUS authentication
    • Set management frame protection on clients, APs and controllers
    • Configure IBN (RADIUS-based VLAN and ACLs, AAA override)
    • Define ACS restrictions for integration with wireless network
    • Determine client and server-side digital certificate requirements
    • Implement ACLs on controller
    • Troubleshoot secure wireless connectivity services

The CCNP Wireless Training requires the delegates to hold either a valid CCNA Wireless certification or a CCIE certification.

This course is designed for network professionals who want to hone the skills and knowledge and also maintain their network effectively while doing so.

The CCNP Wireless Training Cost in United Kingdom Starts from £5275.00

Please see our Cisco Training courses available in United Kingdom

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Key points about this course

237 Learners Recommended

Duration: 15 Days*

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