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Canterbury is a historic city that is located in the heart of the City of Canterbury. It is located on the River Stour. It is one of the most visited cities across the UK. Its economy is highly dependent upon the tourism. Canterbury has a number of historical places including the city wall of Roman times that was rebuilt in the 14th century. Also, includes remains of ST Augustine’s Abbey and a Normal castle and the King’s School. Some of the modern structures include the Marlowe Theatre and the St Lawrence Ground.


The leader of the Labour party is the present sitting Member of Parliament of this region. Whit stable and Herne bay are the other two cities in this district. Prior to 14th century, it was country corporate which ultimately transformed into country borough under the act of 1888. After 1974, it is now administered under Kent county council.


It is located in east kent that is near about 55 miles away from London’s east-souheast. The coastal towns of Whitstable and Herne Bay are about 6 miles to the north and on the other side Faversham is about 8 miles to the northwest. The area consists of brickearth covering chalk.


It has climatic condition is similar to climate of the United Kingdom. The rainfall relatively low that is between 500 mm and 600 mm.


Last population census occurred in 2001. It was around 43 thousand 500 people with majority people are white. Christian religion is followed by maximum people in the city.


In Kent region, it is considered to be the second largest economy. With the introduction of the various shopping complex, there was a great dip in the number of the employment. Certain significant projects are Canterbury Enterprise hub, Lakeview international business park are some examples.




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