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Exeter is an ancient city lies within the county of Devonshire in southwest England with a population of around 129,800 recorded in the mid of 2016. It is located 37 miles northeast of Plymouth and 70 miles southwest of Bristol. The city was considered as a most fortified settlement in Roman Britain. During the Middle Ages and into the Tudor times, the city became a religious center with the foundation of Exeter Cathedral and also became Anglican during the English Reformation period. The First and Second World War brought an economic decline to the trading city and thereafter, the city center was rebuilt and now city flourished as a center for modern business and tourism.

 The city provides several employment opportunities, substantial service and shopping facilities for the local residents. The city is home to the main weather forecasting organization of the world, Met Office, considered the largest employer in the city and surrounding towns. The firm relocated their office from Bracknell to the city in 2004 and around 35,000 people travel into the city on a daily basis. The city has been recognized among the most profitable locations in the Britain for a business to be settled by a recent survey. The city was granted Fairtrade city status in 2004 and attracted a large number of tourists in the city.


The city followed a maintained school system for about 30 years and got changed in 2005 due to the pressure of the UK National Curriculum. There are 25 primary schools, three special schools, five secondary schools and four referral schools in the city. The city has a large number of independent schools and specialist schools for pupils with sensory needs. For higher education, University of Exeter has two main campuses in the city and considered as largest employers in the city.


Being one of the most vibrant and historically interesting cities in the United Kingdom, the city is famous among the tourists for its magnificent Cathedral, beautiful Underground passages, and unique Roman wall and Quayside. Notable buildings in the city include Cathedral, Exeter Synagogue, Guildhall, Mol’s Coffee House and much more.

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