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15 August, 2017

What PRINCE2® method does not give us and why?

By : Ravinder Saini

Question of the Month – November 2015

A PRINCE2® qualified Project Manager writes:


17 February, 2017

True. But. Useless.

By : John Edmonds

True. But. Useless. Is your knowledge all absolutely, technically true, but has no practical relevance?


16 January, 2017

15 Top Tips to Help You Become a Practitioner

By : Aimee Gibbons

15 Top Tips to help you prepare for your PRINCE2, MSP, Change Management, Agile, Better Business Cases and...

07 September, 2016

When 3 + 2 doesn’t equal 5

By : David Baker

I’m often asked why we design and deliver our PRINCE2 Practitioner courses in the way we do.” Why...

02 August, 2016

The Hierarchy of Project Variables

By : David Baker

Practitioners of PRINCE2, the well-known project management method, will be familiar with the six project management variables. The...

15 June, 2016

If you train them, they will leave!

By : James

It’s a tough one for me, as a learning and development professional, to understand. The mindset that believes that if...

13 June, 2016

STOP! Check before you buy…

By : John Edmonds

Training Providers – they are not all the same!

Making a decision on which training provider...

03 June, 2016

Question of the Month: What are the attributes of a good programme manager?

By : Richard Rose

Let us start with the basic understanding that the role of a programme manager is different from that of a...

27 May, 2016

Classroom training – it’s not out of date, and it never will be!

By : John Edmonds

Why we should not lose sight of an ‘old technology’ in the face of new ideas

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06 May, 2016

5,000 to 1- What are your chances of achieving good stakeholder engagement?

By : John Edmonds

Achieving good stakeholder engagement

5,000 to 1 – we have all seen recently the fantastic odds...