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Pearce Mayfield’s speed reading course, which falls under the Business Skills Training, is one of the courses that come under the Business Skills Training. With the techniques provided in this course a person may be able to improve his/her reading skills.

The course teaches techniques such as mind mapping and streamlining knowledge. These techniques allow a human being to possess capabilities of reading much faster as compared to others. Such a capability is desirable as one can grasp contents at a faster pace than usual.

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    Improve your reading speed to stay on top of necessary information

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    Boost your comprehension of all types of content

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    Learn to anticipate precisely what to learn

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    Master emotional intelligence skills vital for success

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    Learn from Global Training Providers

To take up this course, it is essential for the delegates to have some knowledge about Reading skills.

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Ambitious professionals

Key Learning Points


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  • Approach technical material & informational reading more actually
  • Read speed on the computer screen and other numeral plans
  • Remember information using specific memorization techniques
  • Increase your reading speed using practical techniques
  • Improve comprehension and recall while reading faster
  • Improve your retention of your reading or studies
  • Enhance your reading abilities by at least doubling your current reading speed
  • Become more confident as both a reader
  • Improve your understanding of what you have read
  • Increase knowledge levels so that the information is retained
  • Enhance their current reading speed by 2-4 times
  • Improve concentration when reading work related material
  • Read and know information on the internet faster
  • Develop mind mapping skills to assist with clarity of understanding
  • Save time by being able to consider the applicability of equipment before committing to a full read
  • Get on top of projects by accumulating information faster
  • Practice with different types of materials
  • Customising and personalising your reading technique proficiently
  • Comprehending whatever you read with PRIM – Preview, Question, Read, Infer and Memorise
  • Apply PRIM to various reading text
  • Improve memory and recall by applying the practical reading strategy
  • Find ways to develop their memory
  • Experience reading faster with good understanding in a smooth and straightforward way
  • Read at adequate reading speeds for different kinds of materials
  • Learn the principles of Mind Mapping and utilising brain entrainment for best performance
  • How to better increase your focus and concentration while reading
  • Raise their awareness of time-saving when speed reading actually
  • How to conclude with the five stage process – premise, authority, argument, counter-argument and recommendation/conclusion
  • Fundamentals of reading faster
  • Reading speed on the computer screen and other numerical plans
  • Implementation of the IRIS Process for useful reading
  • Approaching various types of reading material more efficiently
  • Memorising information through practical methods
  • Improving comprehension while reading faster
  • Practice drills and exercises to reinforce learned techniques
  • Identify and overcome the barriers to learning faster
  • Sweep method of speed reading and its application
  • Hop method of speed reading and its implementation
  • Increasing your near, mid and far peripheral vision
  • Using the Pegging technique of memorization to extract, remember and recall relevant information in what you read

Course Overview

During this course, the candidates learn how to speed up their way of reading. This helps them to save on time and use the same on other effective professional activities. People who read faster unarguably learn faster as well. By reading faster candidates can focus on what they are reading in a flow and understand it much better.


Exam Type: Objective

Duration: 90 minutes

Pass Percentile: 45%


Course Content

  • Module-1
    • Introduction to speed reading
    • Securing Comprehension
    • Using Your Reading Stick Shift
    • Organising Your Reading
    • Finding Information Quickly
    • Working With Your Eyes and brain
    • Reducing the Talking (also known as “Sub-vocalization”)
    • Expanding Your Peripheral Vision
    • What is your current reading speed?
    • What is speed reading?
    • What is speed reading not?
    • Why is speed reading necessary?
    • Why speed reading works?
    • Is it possible to better your reading speed?
    • How fast can I read with training?
    • Is it difficult to improve your reading speed?
    • Does reading faster reduce comprehension?
    • How long before I can read faster?
    • Why so many students struggle with slow reading speed?
    • Name the fastest speed readers in the world
    • ding speed?
    • Who are some of the fastest speed readers in the world?
  • Module-2
    • Learning the speed reading systems
    • Ten factors affecting reading speed
    • Ten rules you must follow to increase your reading speed
    • Increase reading speed while maintaining comprehension
    • How to deal with graphs, diagrams and formulas while reading
    • How to use speed exercises so as to increase reading speed
    • Difference between reading on paper and screen
    • Apply the sweep techniques
    • How to remember more of what you read?
    • How fast can your brain process information
    • How to approach dry, challenging and technical materials
    • Read for hours without less eye strain or fatigue
    • Implement the hop technique
    • Customising and personalising your reading technique peripheral and focused vision
  • Module-3
    • Improve focus, concentration and attention for faster reading speed
    • learn how to tune in with laser-like focus while reading
    • Know how to concentration for a longer period while reading the best diet to improve your concentration
  • Fundamentals of Speed Reading
    • Purpose of Speed Reading
    • Speed Reading vs. Comprehension
  • Application of Speed Reading
    • Dictionary Speed Search
    • Short Story Reading
    • Research Scanning
  • Methods of Speed Reading
    • Speed Reading Movements
    • Your Current Reading Technique
    • Redefining Your Reading Style
    • Speed Reading Understanding Check
  • Grammar Review
    • Basic and Advanced Vocabulary
    • Idiomatic Expressions

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