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Communication, in its most general form, means transferring your ideas to another individual. This is possible by converting those ideas into messages which can be either delivered from man-to-man or digitally. When conveyed man-to-man, they may be expressed through gestures, voice or by some written medium even. The simplest form of communication that has been known to man since times unknown has been speech.

Communication, unlike other skills, is used subconsciously. In order to communicate, one needs to develop this complex skill.  This is what the Communication Fundamental course at Pearce Mayfield aims to do.

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    Exchange information or ideas within or outside the organisation

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    Understand what the message conveyed in a specific condition means.

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    Analyse signal flow in a digital system

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    Best use for improving one’s skills to communicate with fellow beings

The Communication Fundamentals course is open to anyone who want to upgrade their communication skills. It requires no earlier training or certification as mandatory to attend the course.

Project Managers, IT Personnel and even students can attend this 1 day course that will benefit them in terms of interacting with anyone around them.






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Key Learning Points

  • To understand and analyse the signal flow in a digital communication system
  • Utilise knowledge of perceptual processes, language, and nonverbal communication to convey useful messages in interpersonal skills and public speaking situations
  • To know the concept of the spread spectrum communication system
  • Develop strategies to become a better listener
  • Determine an understanding of the communication process by explaining real life communication scenarios regarding an interaction model
  • To understand the basic design principles of graphic communication
  • To conceptualise visual and graphic expression
  • Use strategies to build and maintain positive relationships and deal with conflict
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between self-concept and communication
  • Understand how a healthy self-concept improves communication
  • Know the impact of gender and culture on communication
  • Gain knowledge to enhance effective communication with different person
  • To use optical communication skills
  • To organise a clear and coherent presentation
  • To produce two and three-dimensional architectural illustrations and methods through using orthographic, praline, pictorial drawing and rendering techniques

Course Overview

Communication Fundamentals course explores various kinds of communication. The delegates having learnt about communication will be required to practice communication before they can appear for the exam. For effective communication ,delegates must learn to use terms relevant to their current area of attention and those which can attract the focus of the receiver. Delegates as a part of the training are required to prepare a convincing speech to promote a nonprofit organisation which can display their communication skills.


Exam Type: MCQ

Duration: 90 minutes

Pass Percentile: 45%


Course Content

  • Introduction to Fundamentals of Communication
    • Listening process
    • Types of nonverbal communication
    • Listening barriers
    • Styles of effective listening
    • Tips for effective communication with diverse workplace spectators
  • Developing Writing Skills
    • Writing process
    • Selecting the best channel
    • Plain language
    • Familiar words
    • Proper tone
    • Negative and positive language
    • Inclusive language
  • Improving Writing Techniques
    • Concise wording
    • Outdated expressions
    • Repetitious words
    • Redundant words
    • Jargon, slang and clichés
    • Proofreading
  • Oral Presentations, Meetings, and Telephone Communications
    • Preparing an oral presentation
    • Delivering a presentation
    • Planning and participating in productive meetings
  • Routine Letters
    • Letter of requests
    • Order requests
    • Simple claim requests
  • Memorandums and Email
    • Writing Process
    • Email
    • Memos
  • Letter and Memos that Persuade
    • The audience of a persuasive letter
    • Characteristics of a persuasive letter
    • Steps to writing a persuasive letter
  • Negative Messages
    • Negative word
    • Significance of a negative communication
    • Expressing the negative message
    • Techniques for expressing a negative message
  • Informal Report
    • Types of reports
    • Guidelines for writing an informal report
  • Goodwill and Special Messages
    • Writing goodwill messages
    • Types of goodwill and individual messages
    • Opening Remarks and Housekeeping Items
    • Project Management Global Standards
    • The Project/Product Life Cycle Concept
    • Life Cycle Management
    • Initiating the Project
    • Developing a Project Charter
    • Planning the Project
    • Performing a Stakeholder Analysis
    • Developing a Project Scope Statement
    • Creating a (WBS)
    • Developing a Network Logic Diagram
    • Developing a Risk Register
    • Developing the Cost Baseline
    • Opening Remarks, Housekeeping Items, Questions
    • Developing a Communications Management Plan
    • Developing a Schedule Baseline
    • Project Change Control
    • Managing People
    • Developing a Project Management Plan
    • Executing, Monitoring and Controlling the Project
    • Project Kickoff/Launch Meetings
    • Project Execution
    • Closing the Project
    • Final Results
    • Lessons Learned

Communication Fundamentals Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Southampton
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day London
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Bristol
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Manchester
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Birmingham
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Reading
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Canterbury
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Eastleigh
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Aberdeen
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Communication Fundamentals 1 Day Cardiff
13-09-2019 £1895.00