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Excellent customer service aims not at maintaining relations with the client to keep him/her hooked to one’s product or services , it is rather about  attracting the client. Nowdays as customer is king, customer service has gained utmost importance. Organisations value customer service more than anything else and are looking for newer means to achieve customer satisfaction.

This course takes an insight into customer service and makes the delegates understand customer service. Achieving customer satisfaction through customer service has become the priorty of all organisations these days be it related to an individual or a corporate client. An organisation gets business as long as customers are satisfied from the organisations services. The GIGO concept – Garbage In Garbage Out – holds good here and no organisation wants to provide garbage to its clients.

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    Builld a relationship with the client using Customer Service techniques

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    Learn to identify the customers, and what needs be done to retain them

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    Understand threats of poor customer assistance

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    Diagnose various customer behaviors

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Anybody wishing to learn customer care activities or seeking a training in customer services can enrol into this course.




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Key Learning Points

  • Use an analysis framework and call control methods to keep discussions on track
  • Get to know the client’s requirements by putting search queries
  • Sell extra products to keep control
  • Builld a relationship with the client by being in touch with them constantly.
  • Understand the client’s situation if the client is even backing out.
  • Comprehend clients, isolate their requirements and make affirmative first effects
  • Take an active note of queries to ask your client.
  • Answer the customer’s queries
  • Listen and make a bond with your client
  • Apply the steps of the service course while dealing with the clients.
  • Learn the importance of purchaser service in relation to an organization’s achievements
  • Identify the customers, and what needs be done to retain them by providing customer service.
  • Understand the aids and prospects derived from exceeding customer outlooks
  • Understand threats of poor customer assistance
  • Know how to manage complaints and hard customers
  • Get the skills to deal positively with misconceptions, disapprovals, and misrepresentations
  • Diagnose various customer behaviors and match service delivery with their prospects
  • Assess and report on customer service

Course Overview

Customer service is a mindset that specifies a way to ensure customer satisfaction. To service the clients efficiently one must be familiar with the requirements and interests of the customers. Good and excellent services can only be provided by an organisation to its clients by interacting with them and conducting surveys to know what the customers think. Sometimes the customers are treated by organisations just as critics for their products – a very healthy exercise indeed. What other reason could an organisation have for giving away one product for free when you buy another. Such strategies not only evaluate your product they also build a customer base. Depending on the level of your company, you will need either a casual (for small enterprises) or an official plan (for larger companies) that includes not only customer service rules and trials but also exact clarifications on how you would like to treat clients in a variety of conditions.


Course Content

  • Prologue to Clients Service
    • Understand the term “ customer support”
    • Identify your role while providing clients with your services
    • Define the customers and their hopes
    • Define class client’s service
    • Requirement of a customer service professional
  • A Prelude to Customer Service
    • Know how to use the customer service contract prototype
    • Identify how to notice the customer
    • Learn how open-ended questions improve customer satisfaction
    • Understand the uses of evaluating and following up on customer queries.
    • Know the benefits of conveying customer service issues to the management.
    • Learn to make a customer deal
  • Customer Communication Summary:
    • Know the blockades in interaction
    • Recognize the different mediums clients use for communication
    • Know the advantages of building an understanding with the clients
    • Distinguish the different methods for communication through both head-on and telephone
  • Know the Customer and his Language
    • Identify the graphic, audio and sensory channels used by the customer
    • Match visual reports to the interaction networks
    • Match verbal statements to the communication locations
    • Match physical statements to the particular communication channel
    • Know the customer circumstances to decide the best methodologies
  • Body Language of the Customer
    • Recognise breathing patterns to know the customer’s preferred medium of communication
    • Show Someone’s medium of communication by
      • Organising Signals
      • Identifying head movements
      • Distinguish stances
    • Identify the diverse features of body language that can be matched and mirrored
  • The Customer’s Vocal Characteristics
    • Understand the four components to vocal characteristics
    • Organize vocal characteristics of visual speakers
    • Identify vocal characteristics of auditory speakers
    • Identify vocal characteristics of kinesthetic speakers
    • Evaluate customer scenarios to determine best approaches

Introduction to customer service Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Southampton
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day London
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Bristol
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Manchester
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Birmingham
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Reading
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Canterbury
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Eastleigh
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Aberdeen
13-09-2019 £1895.00
Introduction to Customer Service 1 Day Cardiff
13-09-2019 £1895.00