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To survive in today’s world the industry just doesn’t need IT at its availability. What it needs is an IT design that is capable to handle all its problems by using some kind of framework. The most viable framework available for this need is the TOGAF® 9.1. At Pearce Mayfield we ensure the delegates learn all the concepts of this framework so that they can help their organisation design a model IT infrastructure to help them grow.

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    Get to know the ADM

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    Learn to Partition an Enterprise Architecture to meet the specific needs of an organisation

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    Explore the Enterprise Continuum and the Architecture Repository

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    Know the TOGAF® Content Meta Model

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    Learn from experienced and Certified Professionals

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TOGAF® 9.1 Training Courses

Designing Architectures with The Open Group

Course Overview

TOGAF® is a framework that helps the organisation or the delegates to establish an architecture practice in the field of Information Technology. TOGAF® in the long run can be used for transforming the way a business operates. Also, it can be used for designing tools to support the TOGAF® based architecture.

Course FAQ'S

What is TOGAF® 9.1 Training?

The TOGAF® 9.1 Training is made up of two levels of certification – the Foundation and the Certified level. The training can be completed in two ways. First the candidate can enroll for the Foundation level course and after completing that can enroll for the Practitioner course. The candidate can alternatively enroll for the Foundation & Certified Level course at one go also. The second option covers all the concepts that are covered individually in both the courses. The difference is that when the candidate is doing the courses individually he must possess the Foundation Level certification to do the Practitioner level course, however it is not so in the latter case. The following Figure makes things clear

Why Should I Take TOGAF® 9.1 Training?

During the TOGAF® 9.1 training, the delegates start by learning the concepts related to the Architecture Development Method (ADM) which is, in fact, the heart of TOGAF® framework. They continue their journey with the Enterprise Continuum and the Architecture Repository. Concepts such as architecture governance, architecture views and viewpoints, stake holders and design building blocks follow. The TOGAF 9.1 training introduces the delegates to the ADM Architecture, Maturity Models and Architecture Skill Frameworks.

What are the Benefits of TOGAF® 9.1?

The TOGAF® 9.1 Framework provides a number of advantages to its users. They include:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Common Language
  • Top Paying
  • Better ROI
  • Streamlining

Why Choose Pearce Mayfield?

One of the best training providers, Pearce Mayfield provides to its delegates expert knowledge in the concerned domain. The instructors who impart this knowledge are certified and experienced in their field. This is helpful for the delegates as they gain a real-time practical based knowledge.

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