A Quick Glance

ITIL® Practitioner course is designed to deploy service improvements that rely upon the ITIL® philosophy of “adopt and adapt”. Nine guiding principles of service improvement and its approach, communication, metrics and measurement and change management in the organisation will be covered in the course. ITIL® Practitioner comes after ITIL® Foundation certification.

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    ITIL® Practitioner course is fully accredited by BCS

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    Get to know about the practical knowledge of implementations based on “adopt and adapt” within the organisation

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    Delivered by certified instructors in luxury venues

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    Training includes real world examples to help the delegates in understanding the concepts easily

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    Pearce Mayfield offers the best price in the industry

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    Our help and support team is always available to handle the queries of customers

  • The professionals who want to attend ITIL® Practitioner course must hold ITIL® Foundation Certification
  • We advise the delegates to go through the overview of ITIL® Foundation before attending this course
  • The professionals who are involved in IT development, IT service management and its operations
  • Those who want to have a deep understanding of the processes and principles used for service improvement
  • ITIL® Foundation certificate holder can also attend ITIL® Practitioner course

Exam(s) included




Key Learning Points


Tutor Support

  • Learn to implement the key concepts and terminologies used in service management
  • Identify and deploy the nine guiding principles for better output
  • Determine the difference between good and bad communication
  • Get familiar with various tips needed to clear the exam
  • Identify the use of measurement tools and techniques for continual service improvement
  • Learn how to use IT Service Management within the organisation

Course Overview

ITIL® Practitioner introduces a methodical way for using ITIL® guidance to improve new or existing organisational service. The delegate can garner the skills needed to implement ITIL® in the organisation. At Pearce Mayfield, the training is delivered by certified and experienced instructors to make sure that the delegates have a clear picture of the subject with real world examples.

ITIL® Practitioner delves deeper into the fundamental concepts that are learned at a Foundation level. It helps in identifying and delivering service improvements in a more practical manner by adopting the ITIL® framework. This training aims to build on Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach, nine guiding principles and three critical competencies.

During the training, the delegates will focus on the following:

  • Service management concepts
  • Guiding principles
  • Service improvement approach
  • Change Management in organisation
  • Metrics and measurements
  • Communication and its types




The exam will be conducted at the end of the training to measure the knowledge gained. Each delegate has to clear the exam in order to get certified. Our trainers make sure that the candidate gets the maximum out of the training. Each question will have four options out of which one is correct. The exam has to be completed in the specific time period; no extra time will be provided. All the details regarding exam will be provided by our trainer at the end of the training.

The exam format will be:

40 multiple choice questions (MCQ’s)

70 percent marks to clear the exam

Exam duration- 2 Hrs 15 Mins


Course Content

Overview of Service Management

  • Define Service Management
  • Key concepts and terminologies
  • “Adopt” and “Adapt”
  • Costs and risks involved
  • Guiding Principles
    • Focus on value
    • Design for experience
    • Start where you are
    • Work holistically
    • Progress iteratively
    • Observe directly
    • Be transparent
    • Collaborate
    • Keep it simple

Overview of Service Management Approach

  • Define Service Management Approach
  • Define Vision
  • Current situation of organisation and objective
  • Results or outcomes
  • Maintaining good work

Overview of Change Management in organisation

  • Define Change Management
  • Resistance sources
  • People transition
  • Management of Stakeholders
  • Management of sponsors
  • Managing resistance
  • Reinforcement

Overview of Metrics and Measurements

  • Define Metrics and Measurements
  • CSFs and KPIs
  • Metric Cascades and hierarchies
  • Categories of Metric

Overview of Communication

  • Introduction to communication
  • Effects of poor communication
  • Good communication and its benefits
  • Principles of communication
  • Types of communication

ITIL® Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days London
05-01-2018 £1499.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Manchester
05-01-2018 £1499.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Canterbury
05-01-2018 £4499.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Belfast
05-01-2018 £2495.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Chelmsford
05-01-2018 £4499.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Chorley
05-01-2018 £4499.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Guildford
05-01-2018 £4499.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Ipswich
05-01-2018 £4499.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Leeds
05-01-2018 £2495.00
ITIL® Practitioner 2 days Leicester
05-01-2018 £4499.00