A Quick Glance

The APM Introductory Certificate is also known as the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ). It is considered as an ideal course for project managers or members and also for aspiring or would-be project managers. The course provides an overview of all the processes, tools and terminologies involved in the project management.

As the training is quite rigorous, the instructors are directed to impart the training in such a manner that the delegates are prepared for the certification exam from every point of view. The additional work required from the delegates comprises the consolidated reading and going through mock exams. This 2-day training aimed at achieving the APM Introductory Certificate and provides the delegates an introduction to the main concepts of project management.

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    Understand basic concepts of Project Management

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    Know the structure of a successful project

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    Ideal for new project managers

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    Course delivered by certified and experienced instructors

The APM Introductory certificate course has no pre-requirements.



The course is designed for those individuals who are new to project management and want to understand the concepts and principles of project management.


Tutor Support


Exam(s) included



  • Learn and implement the concepts of project management such as:
    • Outlining the business case
    • Establishing extent of Project Management
    • Plan to deliver projects
    • Recognising and managing threats
    • Monitoring project progress
    • Controlling organisational change
  • Familiarise with the Project Management terminology
  • Learn to improve effectiveness with project management.
  • Identify various roles in project management.
  • Define the conditions to make a project successful.
  • Understand the differences between operating environment and project management
  • Know the management structure by which projects operate
  • Understand project management planning
  • Describe scope of project management
  • Discuss Project Breakdown as the primary component of planning
  • Manage communication in the project environment
  • Understand about methods in which projects can be controlled and monitored
  • Analysis of a stakeholder and learn ways in which they can be managed
  • Understand stakeholder management and its importance
  • Explain principles of leadership and teamwork
  • Contribute to scheduling and resource management
  • Apply risk management and issue management
  • Define quality management in relation to Project Management
  • Learn context of Project and its relationship with project management
  • Define criteria for project success and its benefits
  • Identification different roles of project management
  • Support and contribute to a successful outcome of project

Course Overview

This course provides the delegates with an introduction to the vital concepts in project management thereby enabling them to prepare for the one-hour certification exam held at the end of the course. The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is a marvelous way to understand project management and how projects differ from activities. The course makes the delegates confident enough with the skills that they are able to use the best approach to problem-solving in real time situations as well.

APM Introductory Certificate Exam

The exam will verify the knowledge of the delegates in following aspects of Project Management:

  • Resource Management
  • Quality Management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Teamwork
  • Communications

Details of the exam as follows:

  • Exam Duration: One hour
  • Type: Multiple Choice Question
  • Total: 60 questions
  • Pass Percentile: 60%

Course Content

Project management and its operating environment

  • Define of project and project management
  • Vital purpose and definition of programme management, project management, and portfolio management
  • Difference between programme management and portfolio management in the field of project management
  • Differentiate between project and business
  • Pros of effective project management
  • Know about Project environment
  • Learn about PESTLE as a tool

Project Concept Phase 

  • Stakeholder management 
  • Project success management 
  • Business case 
  • Its benefits 

Project Definition Phase 

  • Project management plan 
  • Learn Quality Management 
  • Risk management 
  • Scope management 
  • To Scheduling 
  • Resource management 
  • To Estimating 
  • Define Procurement 

Project Management in Context

  • Project management
  • Programme management
  • Portfolio management
  • Project context
  • Project sponsorship

Planning the Strategy

  • Project quality
  • Project risk management
  • Purpose of the project management plan (pmp)
  • Handle Stakeholders’ Management
  • Project success and benefits management

Executing the Strategy

  • Scope management
  • Scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Change control information
  • Management and reporting
  • Issues management


  • Configuration management
  • Estimating
  • Project business case
  • Procurement

Organising and Governance

  • Project lifecycle
  • Handover and closeout
  • Project reviews
  • Organisational roles

People and the Profession

  • Communications in a project
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Scope management

  • Define scope management
  • Product Breakdown Structure and Work Breakdown Structure
  • Configuration
  • Change control
  • Links between configuration and change control
  • Process of Change control
  • Configure management process

Scheduling and resource management

  • Define Total float and critical path
  • Understand Gantt chart, milestone, and baseline
  • Know Resource Management
  • Understand different Types of resources
  • Resource smoothing/resource levelling
  • Procurement 

Risk management and issue management

  • Project risk and risk management
  • Project risk management process
  • Use of risk register
  • Issue and issue management
  • Use of issue log
  • Escalation process

Project quality management

  • Quality and quality management
  • Quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and continual improvement
  • Differences b/w quality control and assurance
  • Project reviews such as
  • Gatepost
  • Benefit
  • Peer reviews


  • Methods of communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • Effective communication 
  • Communication plan



APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Leeds
22-08-2019 £1995.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Canterbury
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Chelmsford
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Chorley
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Guildford
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Ipswich
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Leicester
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Oxford
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Plymouth
27-08-2019 £3499.00
APM Introductory Certificate (PFQ) 2 Days Preston
27-08-2019 £3499.00