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MSP® is an abbreviation for Managing Successful Programmes. It is a methodology that comprises a set of programs and processes helping organisations in managing pogrames, projects and services. It includes techniques and practices required for successful delivery of transformational change by implementing program management in the organisation. The program includes some specific predefined goal that is necessary for the organisation. This managing technique is used widely in organisations either it is public or private. It is important in managing large projects as it breaks down the complex change into smaller manageable and integrated projects. MSP® methodologies play a crucial role in the delivery of projects within the organisation.

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    Get MSP® Certification and open pool of opportunities

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    Learn to effectively apply MSP® methodology within the organisational projects

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    Add valuable asset to your CV by attaining MSP® certification

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    Learn how to manage the organisational projects effectively to enhance the service output

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    Our training delivered by MSP® certified and highly experienced trainers

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    BCS accredits all MSP® courses of Pearce Mayfield

MSP® Training Courses

Manage Projects Effectively

Course Overview

MSP® Training helps the delegates in creating a vision and blueprinting for transformational change. Get to know about the roles and responsibilities of the program manager and team members.

MSP® Training includes following courses:

MSP® Foundation

MSP® Foundation is an entry-level exam that acts as a prerequisite for next levels of MSP® certifications.  In this course, the delegates will learn about the basic concepts and terminologies used in MSP® Foundation and hence can clear the foundation exam easily with the guidance of our trainer.

MSP® Practitioner

MSP® Practitioner is the second level certification of MSP®. To attend this course, the delegate must be MSP® Foundation holder.

MSP® Advanced Practitioner

The delegates who want to attend MSP® Advanced Practitioner must hold MSP® Practitioner Certification to upgrade their skills to the higher level of expertise.

MSP® Re-registration

MSP® Re-registration is for those who want to extend their certification. The delegate must do this certification within the time period of validity of the previous certification.

Why choose Pearce Mayfield?

Pearce Mayfield is one of the leading MSP® Training providers in the UK. Our courses are delivered by certified and experienced instructors who have experienced of more than 5 years in their domain. Our help and support team is always available throughout the training to handle your queries. Our training is provided in luxury venues with all facilities needed to grasp the most out of training.




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