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Every organisation needs to be managed. Effective management includes planning, designing, implementing and maintaining a service in order to achieve the desired goal. There is a requirement of effective management within the organisation so that these tasks can be carried out effectively. Pearce Mayfield's PMP® Certification provides all the necessary skills and knowledge that the successful business environments must have.

The delegates must gain these management skills to be Project Management Professional (PMP®). This PMP Training course provides knowledge about project life cycle and various knowledge areas. 

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PMP Certification has following prerequisites:

  • The delegates must have a university degree and 3 years’ experience in project management with 4500 hours of directing and leading projects.


  • The candidates must have the secondary diploma and at least 5 years of project management experience with 7500 hours of directing and leading projects.

The target audience for this course:

  • The delegates who are willing to be project managers should take this course.
  • The candidates who wish to be Project Management Professionals (PMP®).
  • Delivery Managers should attend this course
  • Project and Team Leaders should take this course to gain management skills
  • Consultants and Senior Executives
  • IT Managers and Project Team Members 

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The delegates will gain knowledge about:

  • Project planning
  • Creation of management plans
  • Identifying risks of project
  • Relational skills
  • Reporting and control methods
  • Various process groups and knowledge areas

Course Overview

Managing projects includes initiation, implementation, control, and closure of teamwork. This is helpful in achieving organisational objectives. Our PMP® Certification Training course covers five project life cycle's process groups and knowledge areas. After getting course completion certificate, the delegates will be Project Management Professional (PMP®).

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Our PMP® Training syllabus is defined by accredited bodies. You should gain the following PMP® skills to be effective project managers:

  • Understanding of project life cycle: It contains five process groups. These processes are well defined.
  • Understanding knowledge areas: The life cycle phases resemble with various knowledge areas.

Course Content

  • An Overview of Project Management Framework
  • An Introduction to Process Groups
  • Describing various types of Process Groups
    • Initiating
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Monitoring and Controlling
    • Closing
  • An Introduction to Knowledge Areas
  • Various types of Knowledge Areas:
    • Integration Management
    • Quality Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Scope Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Time Management
    • Cost Management
    • Communications Management
    • Risk Management

Project Management

Process Groups:

Project management involves five processes. There are following process groups:

1. Initiation: This is the first step of process groups. It defines the nature and scope. All the faults or weaknesses are stated previously so that these can be fixed. This stage includes the following areas:

  • Examining the needs of businesses
  • Determining objectives of the business
  • Analysis of financial costs
  • Investigating stakeholders
  • SWOT analysis for recognising powers and threats to businesses

2. Planning: This phase undergoes planning of time, cost and resources adequately to examine work requirements and to discuss risks during project execution. It includes:

  • Strategies for how to plan
  • Management of scope
  • Selecting team planning
  • Defining work breakdown structure
  • Identifying methods for delivering deliverables
  • Estimation of resources requests
  • Planning of risks
  • Formation of methods of quality assurance
  • Taking approval to start work

3. Production or execution: While implementation of a project, the terms are planned. This phase guarantees that deliverables are implemented. It includes distribution, organisation and coordination of human resources.

4. Monitoring and controlling: This phase includes processes to detect the potential problems. Then corrective actions are taken to control project execution. The project managers not only manage the teams but also cultivate the teams. The cultivation procedure is done by team building exercises.

This phase includes:

  • Examining project actions
  • Handling project variables for project planning and performance baseline

5. Closing: Closing phase involves the formal ending of the project. The administration includes the formal receipt of the project and the ending thereof. Administrative actions include the archiving of files and record. In this stage, the managers should formally close the project by archiving records and closing records. The teams are made relaxed. All the information should be centrally collected for future use of projects.


PMP® Certification Training Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Manchester
27-11-2017 £1969.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days London
04-12-2017 £1969.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Bristol
04-12-2017 £1969.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Southampton
11-12-2017 £2495.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Birmingham
11-12-2017 £1995.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Reading
11-12-2017 £2495.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Cardiff
11-12-2017 £2795.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Belfast
11-12-2017 £1685.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Edinburgh
11-12-2017 £2495.00
PMP® Certification Training 5 Days Glasgow
11-12-2017 £1969.00