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In an organisation, change is essential as it brings new technologies and methodologies at the workplace, hence improve the overall functioning of the company and make business more profitable. However,  change brings with it a lot of challenges as well and how to manage these challenges is a big challenge in itself. Professionals having knowledge of change management are considered the important asset of the company. 

At Pearce Mayfield, we ensure that the delegates gain the essential knowledge and skills necessary for managing change in the organisation not only in words but also in deeds. APMG’s updated Change Management certification is affiliated with the Change Management Body of Knowledge. It enables the delegates to upgrade their knowledge both theoretically and practically. It covers the following areas:

  • Change and the Individual
  • Change and the Organisation
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Practice

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    Bring and manage change effectively

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    Know how to start change programs in the organisation

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    Create plans to exchange ideas to bring about change

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    Courses delivered by certified and experienced trainers

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    Gain certifications and increase your career opportunities

The course has no prerequisites. However, the knowledge of organisational change would be beneficial.

The target audience for this course is as follows:

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Business Managers
  • HR representatives
  • Any member of a team involved in an organisational change

Key Learning Points


Tutor Support



  • Identify the elements that effect change
  • Effect of change on individuals in the organisation
  • Study various organisation cultures
  • Know the effect of these cultures on change process
  • Select a framework for creating a plan for change management
  • Find and analyse the influence of stakeholders in the Change Plan
  • Create and implement a communication management plan
  • Develop efficient change team

Course Overview

During the Change Management Foundation course, the delegates will learn about the various types of changes affecting the company, and also the professional approaches to support the efficient delivery of the desired outcomes of the company from every change initiative. The course enables the delegates to improve the deftness of their team by building its capability and capacity to manage change in the organisation. The course introduces delegates to the various techniques and processes for mitigating the risk factors that occur due to failed change processes.

The delegates will learn how to maintain the loyalty of the employees and commitments made to them during the change period. They further learn how to plan, execute and maintain the effective communications required to build and maintain their engagement. During the three day course, the delegates will gain an understanding of four different levels of change such as in relation to the organisation, in relation to the individual, in relation to the communication and stakeholder commitment and finally to change management in practice.


The Change Management Foundation exam verifies the knowledge of delegates regarding the change management.

Duration: 40 minutes

Type: Multiple choice questions

Total: 50 questions




Course Content

Change & Organisation

  • Why organisations need changes?
  • What is the effect on Design of Change Programmes?

Change in relation to the Organisation and the People

  • The Evaluation of Change Management
  • How Change Effects A Person?
  • It's Effects While Planning Change
  • Describe “People Focused” Framework for Change Management Plan
  • What are the Main Roles in Supporting Change Process?

Education and Learning Support

  • Describe the Learning Process
  • Recognising and meeting the learning needs
  • Implications of learning styles while designing learning interventions

Communication and Stakeholder's Engagement

  • Explain stakeholder plan
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders
  • Design Change Management Foundation Effective Strategies
  • Communication and Commitment
  • Explain the theory of effective communication
  • Different communication Channels and their use
  • Developing a communications plan
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of a communication

Change Management in Practice

  • Change impact
  • Tools to ensure a comprehensive change management plan
  • Change readiness, planning and management
  • Increase the level of motivation to change
  • Build organisational readiness to change
  • Prepare for resistance

Personal and Professional Management

  • Create teams to manage change

Change Management Foundation Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Canterbury
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Chelmsford
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Chorley
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Guildford
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Ipswich
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Leicester
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Oxford
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Plymouth
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Preston
27-08-2019 £4499.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Cambridge
27-08-2019 £2095.00