A Quick Glance

The Change Management Practitioner Upgrade course is designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills required to implement change smoothly in an organisation. The course enables the delegates to build on their knowledge gained at the Foundation course and implement the theory of change management in real life scenarios.

The two-day course introduces delegates to the principles, theories and practical aspects of effective change management for achieving successful change. The Practitioner course lays more emphasis on adapting change management to scenario-based situations and relates to change and the organisation, change and the people, stakeholder engagement and change management practice.

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    Course fully accredited by APMG

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    Support smooth organisational change

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    Diminish any resistance towards change

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    Advance the change management profession

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    Course delivered by highly certified instructors

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    Course includes pre-course reading material, exam and certificate

The delegates must have completed Change Management Foundation course before attending the Practitioner course. However, some experience of change management or project management would be beneficial.

The course is targeted at current or aspiring managers who are involved in the process of organisational change or transformation. Apart from these, the course is highly beneficial for:

  • Change Project Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Operational Line Managers
  • Transformation Managers
  • Change Programme Managers
  • Implement process frameworks to plan an organisational change
  • Prepare for organisational change initiative and build an effective change team
  • Support and sustain organisational change processes
  • Gain understanding of how to support people through change
  • Motivate people into adjusting to organisational change
  • Engage the stakeholders while organisation undergoes transformation or any change
  • Gain knowledge of the impacts of change on organisations and individuals

Course Overview

The Practitioner course provides a better understanding of change through the implementation of change theories and ensures benefits from change initiatives that are delivered at project, portfolio and programme levels. During the course, the delegates will learn how to develop a comprehensive change management plan, create suitable governance structures and techniques to minimise the risks involved with failed organisational change initiatives. 

Change Management Practitioner Exam

The delegates need to pass the exam to gain the certification. The exam verifies the capabilities of the delegates based on case study scenarios.

  • Type: Objective based testing
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Total: 4 questions having 20 marks each

Course Content

Change and the organisation

  • Define change
  • What is the need to make changes in organisations?
  • Implications on design of change program

Change and the Individual

  • Development of change management
    • Impact of change on an individual
    • Its implications while undergoing change
    • Explain different organisational cultures
    • Roles and responsibilities in supporting successful change
    • People focused change management plan
    • Select framework supporting design of people focused change management plan
  • Education and learning support
    • Explain learning process
    • Identifying and fulfilling learning requirements
    • Design learning interventions
    • Impact of learning styles while designing learning interventions
  • Communications and stakeholder involvement
    • Describe stakeholder strategy
    • Select and evaluate stakeholders
    • Design effective influencing strategies
  • Communication and engagement
    • Explain the theory of effective communications
    • Usage of different communication channels
    • Develop an effective communication plan
    • Techniques to review and assess the effectiveness of the communications

Change Management in Practice

  • Impact of Change
    • Balance change journey and business continuity
    • Analyse tools to ensure a comprehensive change management plan
  • Change planning and measurement
    • Develop motivation to change
    • Create organisational readiness for change
    • Plan for resistance
  • Personal and professional management
    • Build effective teams to support change management
  • Project management: change initiatives, projects and programs
    • Decide delivery mechanisms for change
    • Selection of governance structures
    • Impact of project management methodologies on the management of change
  • Sustaining change
    • Describe design factors ensuring change is permanently embedded within the organisation

Change Management Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Maidstone
22-08-2019 £2095.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Norwich
05-09-2019 £2095.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Sheffield
12-09-2019 £2095.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days London
19-09-2019 £1295.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Manchester
26-09-2019 £1295.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Birmingham
03-10-2019 £1295.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Liverpool
10-10-2019 £2095.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days London
17-10-2019 £1295.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Edinburgh
17-10-2019 £2095.00
Change Management Practitioner Upgrade 2 Days Glasgow
24-10-2019 £1295.00