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Most of the projects are unable to meet their deadlines and give poor quality outputs thus resulting in the project failure. One of the primary reason for these failures is the lack of some structured approach for project management. PRINCE2® offers the best process based structured approach for efficient delivery of projects and better project outcomes. Using PRINCE2® Foundation review the progress of the project regularly. There are two levels of PRINCE2® certification namely PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner. PRINCE2® Foundation provides delegates comprehensive knowledge of PRINCE2® basic concepts and prepares for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam. After clearing PRINCE2® Foundation exam delegates can enrol for the PRINCE2® Practitioner. 

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    Understand basic concepts and terminology of PRINCE2®

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    PRINCE2® Foundation is the foremost level of PRINCE2® certification

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    Get knowledge about the seven PRINCE2® themes, processes and principles

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    Our PRINCE2® Foundation course is updated according to the updates given by AXELOS

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    Our well qualified and highly experienced instructors train delegates

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    Pearce Mayfield provides PRINCE2® Foundation course at an affordable price

There are no prerequisites for PRINCE2® Foundation course, however, having basic knowledge of project management can be beneficial.

Professionals who want to get a basic understanding of PRINCE2® concepts and want to become PRINCE2® Foundation certified can enrol in this course.

Aspiring project managers and the delegates who are working in a project team or project management environment can enrol into this course.

Following mentioned delegates can enrol into this course:

  • Product Managers
  • Business Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Engineering Leads
  • Business Analysts
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Leaders
  • Team Members

Tutor Support


Key Learning Points


Exam(s) included




Pre Course Material

  • Meet the needs of the organisation using proper project management approach
  • Understand basic principles and terminology of PRINCE2®
  • Get a proper understanding of PRINCE2® processes, techniques, components, structure and how these all collaborate with each other
  • Get the knowledge required to clear PRINCE2® Foundation exam
  • Understand how PRINCE2® processes can be used in an organisation
  • Break down the larger projects into small parts to manage effectively
  • Enhance your project management skills
  • Improve communication between the project team and rest of the organisation
  • During the project understand the importance of the involvement of management and stakeholders
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of project team members as well as a project

Course Overview

PRINCE2® represents PRojects In Controlled Environment. An initial level of PRINCE2® certification is PRINCE2® Foundation. Pearce Mayfield offers PRINCE2® Foundation course which enables delegates to get the knowledge and skills required to manage projects and handle associated risks effectively. Understand the benefits of using PRINCE2® methodologies and prepare well for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam. Get a thorough understanding of PRINCE2® principles and terminology. Enhance communication between the project team and remaining organisation and along with this saving money and time for delivering projects successfully. Recently AXELOS has updated PRINCE2®, and it is known as PRINCE2® 2017. Our PRINCE2® Foundation course is also aligned with PRINCE2® 2017 update.


According to the PRINCE2® 2017 update, configuration management topic has been removed out of syllabus. Exam questions are more focused on enabling delegates to implement a PRINCE2® methodology in a project. Negative questions are eliminated, and the number of questions has also reduced.

PRINCE2® Foundation exam structure according to the PRINCE2® 2017 update:

  • The format of the exam is multiple choice
  • Number of questions in PRINCE2® Foundation is 60
  • In PRINCE2® 2017 update reasoning questions are removed
  • Duration of PRINCE2® Foundation exam is 60 minutes
  • The pass percentage required to clear this exam is 55% or 33 marks out of 60.

Course Content


  • Overview of Project Management
  • PRINCE2® Terminology
  • Introduction to PRINCE2®
  • Link between PRINCE2® themes, principles and processes
  • Adapt PRINCE2® in the project environment
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Product Lifecycle

PRINCE2® Principles

  • Overview of PRINCE2® principles
  • Benefits and objectives
  • Management stages

PRINCE2® Themes

  • Overview of PRINCE2® themes

Business case

  • What is the business case?
  • Outcomes and outputs
  • Benefits and disadvantages
  • Developing and Verifying
  • Maintain Business Case
  • Benefits Review Plan


  • Project Team and Project Board structure
  • Project Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Change authority
  • Project support responsibilities and roles
  • Communication management strategy
  • Stakeholder management


  • Overview of plans
  • Levels of plans
  • Exception plans
  • Product based approach
  • Product breakdown structure
  • Product flow diagram
  • PRINCE2® Planning steps
  • Product description


  • Management stages
  • Technical stages
  • Tolerance and raising exceptions
  • Project manager controls for reviewing
  • Project manager controls for reporting progress
  • Baselines for control
  • Capture and report lessons
  • Event driven
  • Time driven controls


  • Issue and change control procedure
  • Baseline
  • Handling changes
  • Tracking and protecting products
  • Change budget
  • Change authority


  • Definition of Quality
  • Quality Audit trial
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality criteria
  • Quality management strategy
  • Quality controls
  • Quality review techniques


  • Risk management in projects
  • Plan for risk management
  • Procedure of Risk management
  • Risk budget

PRINCE2® Principles

Starting up a project

  • Purpose of starting a project
  • Appointing executive and a project manager
  • Design project management team

Directing a project

  • Purpose

Initiating a project

  • Purpose
  • Activities in beginning a project
  • Set project controls

Controlling a stage

  • Purpose
  • Authorize work package
  • Review stage status

Manage product delivery

  • Purpose
  • Accept work package

Managing stage boundary

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Plan for next stage

Closing a project

  • Purpose
  • Prepare plan closure

Tailor PRINCE2® in the project environment

PRINCE2® Foundation exam


PRINCE2® Foundation Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Southampton
27-08-2019 £1125.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days London
27-08-2019 £1045.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Bristol
27-08-2019 £1095.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Manchester
27-08-2019 £1045.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Birmingham
27-08-2019 £1045.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Canterbury
27-08-2019 £2695.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Chelmsford
27-08-2019 £2695.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Chorley
27-08-2019 £2695.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Edinburgh
27-08-2019 £1095.00
PRINCE2® Foundation 3 days Guildford
27-08-2019 £1495.00