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A Business Analysts works beyond just a developer and a manager of IT systems. Business Analyst must understand business strategies. They must be capable of finding any problems, analysing them and providing solutions using the best possible techniques.

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    Learn to assist the senior management with analysis of business activities

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    Helps professionals to provide solutions to an organisations problems

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    Better Salaries and Perks

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    Greater flexibility in choosing work and projects.

Business Analysis Training Courses

Use Proven Techniques to Analyse Businesses

Course Overview

The primary job of a Business Analyst is to assist the senior management with the analysis of business activities. The training program initiates with the definition of Business Analysis and an introduction to its terminology. It then demonstrates Business Analysis using real-life examples from working environments. Business Analysis Training encompasses the Foundation and Practitioner level.

The Foundation level is a startup course whereas the Practitioner level may have detailed information and an advanced certification. Such courses cover one or more than one course sometimes. To start with Business Analysis, the candidates are required to begin with a Foundation course during which they have to pass 2 out of 3 mandatory courses. The three courses are:

These three exams make up the core of the Business Analysis Training. The Practitioner level constitutes of six exams out of which four exams have to be cleared. These exams are:

Another exam is the International Diploma in Business Analysis. This exam constitutes of four written and one Oral exam.

Course FAQ'S

Why should I take a Business Analysis training course?

The course is designed to provide essential skills and knowledge required to improve the efficiency through business process improvement. The course enables the candidates to handle complex problems while dealing with the challenges of demanding business stakeholders and short timescales. Gain thorough knowledge of business analysis courses as it will increase your chances of successfully becoming business analysts. 


What are the benefits of Business Analysis training?

  • Business Analysis Training delivers benefits which are helpful in conforming to requirements, reducing business risks, and generating business value.
  • Delegates using Business Analysis, work on a variety of projects. They are faced with new challenges on a regular basis, and interact with and learn from a number of people. This enables them to learn and develop new skills arising from challenges they face and people they encounter on the way.
  • The salary is more than working as a permanent or long-term employee who does not possess this qualification.
  • There is greater flexibility in choosing work and projects.

Why choose Pearce Mayfield?

Pearce Mayfield is one of the best providers in Business Analysis training. All the instructors at Pearce Mayfield are certified and this is an added advantage for the delegates. The instructors also have years of Business Analysis experience also. The delegates will also obtain practical experience in the form of hands-on sessions.

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