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Pearce Mayfield introduces Risk Management training that consists of MoR® Foundation, MoR® Practitioner, MoR® Foundation and Practitioner and MoR® Re-registration courses. This training provides you with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the Management of Risk (MoR®) methodologies and workflows. The training program helps in achieving systematic risk assessment and management.

The course enables the delegates to understand the concepts, approaches of MoR® and embedding and reviewing the principles for controlling the risks associated with the organisation.  At the end of the training, the candidates will gain the self-confidence and capability to shape and influence risk management.

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    Understand the benefits of project risk management

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    Courses delivered by certified risk managers

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    Best quality training programs at an affordable cost

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    Identify the tools and techniques of project risk management process

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    Identifying and communicating risks to concerned business

Risk Management Courses

Manage risk effectively

Course Overview

Risk Management is the process of analysing, monitoring and controlling the risk that may occur in the organisation. Risk Management process includes the best practice approaches, focuses on understanding the key risks and implementing the relevant tools and techniques to manage it to the acceptable level.

What is Risk Management?

The process to identify, assess and control the risks is defined as risk management. These risks may arise from a variety of sources like financial uncertainty, management errors, accidents and legal liabilities.

Why should I take this course?

The delegates can achieve the competitive benefits by turning the business disruptions threats into the opportunities. Also, they can protect the brand value and enhance the customer satisfaction based on customer service level data. The delegates will also learn how to ensure the continuity of supply of services through a controlled and predictable response.

What are the benefits of taking this course?

This training provides many benefits like:

  • It protects the workers from any suffering that are caused due to accidents
  • It reduces the absence of employees and their sick leaves
  • It also protects the business against the uncertainty while maintaining the organisational reputation
  • The delegates will be able to handle the risk before it actually occurs by continuous monitoring

Why choose Pearce Mayfield Training?

Pearce Mayfield has a team of well trained and experienced instructors that help you to understand the various concepts and terminologies involved in the training completely. We provide training in various modes like online, classroom and onsite training. Help and support team is always available to handle your queries. If you want to enhance your risk management skills, then this is the right place for you.

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