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A centralised device is always needed to store data and connect with others in every type of organisation public or private, large or small. To overcome this issue, Windows Server came into existence. Windows Server 2012 is extensively used in both IT and non-IT sectors due to its never-ending advantages. It operates on the same server where the data is being stored. It makes the websites run smoothly by handling the events. In very short span of time, Microsoft Windows dominated the office as well as the home environment. Most of the top IT companies are using Windows Server products.

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    Get to know about the various concepts used in Windows Server 2012

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    Understand virtualisation, storage space, network management and much more

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    Deliver better services for effective output using Windows Server

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    Gain certification to enhance your knowledge and skills

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    Pearce Mayfield offers this course at an affordable price in the market

Windows Server Courses

Get familiar with various Windows Server concepts

Course Overview

Pearce Mayfield’s Windows Server course includes following three courses:

What are the benefits of this course?

One can develop, deploy, maintain and monitor applications by using Windows Server 2012. It provides secure access that client may use on their devices. Virtualisation helps businesses to enhance their productivity and output. It helps the organisations to reduce extra costs that arise from hardware, power and licensing. Being a cloud optimised environment, it enables businesses to create and implement a business application by using the cloud-based API and services.

Why should I do this course?

A number of organisations are shifting to cloud infrastructure with every passing day. The organisations would need an employee who has knowledge about the virtualisation or has some experience in working with Windows Server. In this training program, the delegates will gain the skills required to manage cloud optimised networks, web services and applications.

Why choose Pearce Mayfield?

Pearce Mayfield has well trained and experienced instructors that help you to understand the concepts and terminologies involved in the training completely. We provide training in various modes like online, classroom and onsite training. Help and support team is always available to handle your queries. If you want to enhance your skills while working with Windows Server, then this is the right place for you.

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