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2016-01-26 How do I choose a PRINCE2® training course?

This guide is designed to help you find the right PRINCE2 training course. That sounds a simple objective, but as we will see, there are a few common errors that people make. Whether you are choosing for yourself or for your organisation, your choice will be a significant investment of time and money. We would rather you not waste either of those precious resources!

2015-11-24 Learning from Experience – How to Apply it

Question of the Month - November 2015 An experienced Project and Programme manager writes: “Two methods that I have used regularly in my work over many years (PRINCE2 and MSP) both share a common principle, that of ‘Learning from Experience’. Is this more than just maintaining a lessons learned log?

2017-02-17 True. But. Useless.

True. But. Useless. Is your knowledge all absolutely, technically true, but has no practical relevance? We know a lot of things, don’t we? I have worked in training and education within the project management community for longer than I am willing to admit. Recently, while I was leading a PRINCE2 training course, a delegate asked a question to which I immediately, unthinkingly said, “take a look at page ‘x’ in the PRINCE2 manual”.

2016-06-15 If you train them, they will leave!

It’s a tough one for me, as a learning and development professional, to understand. The mindset that believes that if we train people we are simply giving them a ticket to another job, we’ve made them more marketable and they are going to take advantage of it.I remember one of our clients once telling us that the majority of the staff that had received project management training provided by us had since moved on, “…

2016-03-01 Can you Codify Change Management?

Can you Codify Change Management? The need has never been greater for leaders who can take people through turbulent, and sometimes radical, change. A couple of years ago, I was asked to contribute a chapter on “Stakeholder Strategy” to a book that was published as The Effective Change Manager's Handbook (ECMH for short), a title commissioned by the international Change Management Institute.